Trump Foundation Shut Down

News reports have shown over the past few weeks that the Trump Foundation was operating without proper certification.

Today we are learning that the New York Attorney General sent out a cease and desist order to the foundation to stop operating.

If you don’t think the Trump campaign is taking this seriously, you better see this rather subdued statement from the campaign.

This is a big deal.

The Washington Post has shown that Trump used the foundation for personal expenses and now we know it has been operating without proper certification.

Yes, absolutely, this is a partisan maneuver by a partisan attorney general in New York. But that does not mean Trump can get out of this. The AG is going after him because there are serious legal issues. Trump’s run for President increased his exposure and that exposure is going to do him in.

You can read the letter from the New York Attorney General here.

The Washington Post has more on the story.

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