Police deploy smoke and pepper grenades during clashes with protesters in northwest Washington, Friday, Jan. 20, 2017. (AP Photo/Mark Tenally)

BREAKING: Trump Signs First Order While Protests Rage

President Donald Trump wasted no time getting down to business today, taking time between his inauguration and lunch to sign a flurry of documents mostly related to his cabinet nominations. Republican and Democratic leaders alike attended the ceremony, and the atmosphere was much lighter than the new President can likely expect to encounter in the coming days.

Even that perennial thorn in Republicans’ sides, Nancy Pelosi, managed to smile during much of the ceremony. There was even some good-natured back-and-forth between Pelosi and Trump over the awarding of the pens used to officially nominate his cabinet picks, some of whom Democratic leaders present at the ceremony have vehemently opposed. One somewhat awkward moment came when Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer got a few words in on one particularly contentious nominee. According to The Hill’s Mark Hensch,

Schumer later responded “not that one, no thank you,” when [House Speaker Paul] Ryan tried gifting him a pen used to formally nominate Betsy DeVos as Trump’s Education secretary.

Meanwhile, various law enforcement officials in riot gear attempted to maintain a semblance of order after protestors carried out acts of vandalism including setting fires and breaking the street-facing windows of businesses, including a Starbucks that was hit particularly hard. Apparently lost on those protesting was the fact that Starbucks officials have consistently made clear their political positions, all of which would seemingly meet with the protestors’ approval.

Though there seems to be little doubt that Trump intends to continue about the work of his new office, the question remains … For how long with those protestors continue with their efforts?

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