BREAKING: Vehicle Rampage in London, Reports Attacker Wanted to ‘Kill all Muslims’

A van struck a group of worshippers at a north London mosque Sunday night. A witness told Buzzfeed News that the driver was screaming that he wanted to “kill all Muslims.”

The white van struck a group of men congregating near the Finsbury Park Mosque on Seven Sisters Road after evening prayers.

Abdulrahman Saleh Alamoudi told BuzzFeed News the van swerved towards the men, who had been attending to an elderly man who had fallen down, perhaps due to exhaustion.

“This big van just came and went all over us,” Saleh Alamoudi said. “I think at least eight or 10 people were injured. Luckily I managed to escape, and then the guy came out of his van.”

London police authorities reported one person has been arrested.

A couple of observations on the initial report.

It’s interesting that Buzzfeed chose to post a tweet from a witness calling the driver of the van a “racist bastard.” Does this mean the London bridge attackers were not racists?

It’s also interesting to note the number of social media tweets calling the attacker a “terrorist.”

Yes, I suppose he is a terrorist if his motive was to kill and terrorize Muslims that makes him a terrorist. I wonder what organization will claim responsibility for recruiting and directing his attack?

You see, ISIS is a terrorist organization, complete with a magazine calling on adherents to attack infidels during Ramadan. I’m waiting for someone to claim responsibility for this attack. Or maybe it’s just “down with British secular culture!”

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