BREAKING: Vote On “Swampcare” Bill Postponed By Paul Ryan

BREAKING: Due to continued opposition by the conservative House Freedom Caucus, House Speaker Paul Ryan has postponed today’s highly anticipated vote on the bill proposed by the moderate wing of the party that would tweak Obamacare. These conservative legislators insist that the bill does not go far enough, and are upset that the “full repeal” of Obamacare that was promised during the 2016 campaign cycle seems to suddenly be off the table.

The House Freedom Caucus met with President Donald Trump today to discuss the bill and try to arrive at an agreement. However, as things currently stand, no proposal has been presented that comes anywhere near the full repeal that the American People were promised by GOP leadership for the past seven years. The members of the Freedom Caucus remain insistent that a bill that does nothing but tweak the bill in a few minor ways is unacceptable and will not be allowed to go to the Senate for a vote.

House Leadership is currently saying that the vote may happen tomorrow, but that is unlikely given the total lack of any progress so far.

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