Undated image of Joseph Goebbles, left, waving while sitting next to German actor Emil Jannings in a boat. (AP Photo)

Breitbart News Begins Trump Related Purges

Every totalitarian or fascist system has purges. Whether in the Woodrow Wilson era of the United States, the Mussolini era in Italy, the Mao era in China, you name it, totalitarians purge dissent. Dissidents and those opposed to the regime must be silenced and if not silenced, killed. I have seen this in my own experience in the last year dealing with Trump’s personality cult. His supporters have literally been emboldened to show up on my door step at my house, yell at my kids in the grocery story, call my radio station to demand I am fired, and they’ve called my advertisers to demand they stop advertising during my show in order to hurt my station financially for not firing me.

Breitbart News has generated a lot of the angst and hate directed at me in the past number of months, with the Trump cult of personality being led to take all sorts of actions. Without a doubt, the several times Breitbart has declared me an enemy of Trumpism or mischaracterized my statements to be pro-Clinton there is a direct correlation to the wave of hate directed at my radio station. The latest wave began three days ago.

I cannot imagine Breitbart News does not realize it. I suspect they relish the fact that Trump fans who read the site are showing up on people’s doorsteps and harassing employers to fire employees. In my opinion, the site has become, intentionally or not, the digital Joseph Goebbels of the Trump movement, running a propaganda campaign masquerading as news.

Now they’ve moved on to Professor Tom Nichols who teaches at the U.S. Naval War College. He is opposed to Trump and has come out, unfortunately, as a Clinton supporter (though very begrudgingly).

Naturally, Breitbart News is now leading the purge against him, claiming he is violating federal law and therefore must be silenced.

This is only the beginning. Joseph Goebbels would be proud, but Andrew Breitbart would definitely be disgusted.

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