BrewBrawl Week 5: Colts vs Texans

Hard to believe but Sunday night is here once again. Which, luckily for me, means it’s time to crack-open a couple more craft beers… Ahh, where does the time go anyway?

As many of you already know, this week’s matchup is Indianapolis Colts vs Houston Texans. And, although I am a bit embarrassed to admit it, there’s probably not two other teams in the entire NFL that I know less about. But this is BrewBrawl, not Football– and thankfully I can say with confidence, I do know my beer.

And knowing my fellow beer lovers, with that, I’ll skip right to the good stuff. Let the BrewBrawl game begin!

[Rules Refresh: Based solely on name and/or label appearance, a craft beer is assigned by me to each team. The matchup’s will reflect the two teams playing Sunday Night Football that week. Thus, all post-season playoff games and championship rounds are TBD.

Indianapolis Colts vs Houston Texans


Indianapolis Colts: HHG Americana Pale Ale
Central Waters Brewing
[American Pale Ale] 5.3% ABV
IBU unknown
Surprisingly fresh with crisp bursts of mango, dank hops, and well-balanced malt flavor. Soft, moderate bodied and not too sweet with slightly dry, bitter finish.

burton-baton-2Houston Texans: Burton Baton
Dogfish Head Craft Brewery
[American Double/Imperial IPA] 10% ABV
70 IBU
Very aromatic with nuanced flavors including malted caramel, toffee, and a trace of warmth. Thick bodied, perfectly aged with a deluxe and smooth bourbon-like finish.

This was the toughest match-up yet. Both brews were extremely enjoyable to drink, and wonderful examples of precisely what craft beer should taste like their respective categories. One downside to Burton Baton is the price tag, costing more than $10.99 per four-pack. That said, ultimately I had to base my decision on the only attribute I could identify which set these two competitors apart from one another: Burton Baton may be the best tasting, most drinkable American double/Imperial IPA that I have had to date. (with sturdy 10% ABV, no less!)

WINNER:  Houston Texans/ Burton Baton

Be sure to check back for next week’s BrewBrawl matchup: Seattle Seahawks vs Arizona Cardinals…


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