BrewBrawl Week 6: Seahawks vs Cardinals

Hello again, craft beer fans. This installment of BrewBrawl covers last week’s Sunday Night Football game, Seahawks vs Cardinals. This is an uncommon matchup, as both teams were assigned similar styles of IPA.

So, without further delay– let’s play BrewBrawl!

[Rules Refresh: Based solely on name and/or label appearance, a craft beer is assigned by me to each team. The matchup’s will reflect the two teams playing Sunday Night Football that week. Thus, all post-season playoff games and championship rounds are TBD.]

Seattle Seahawks vs Arizona Cardinals

crooked-tree-ipav2Crooked Tree IPA, Dark Horse Brewery
[IPA] 6.5% ABV
46 IBU
Well-balanced, hoppy start with noticeable malt flavors, plus tones of citrus, mango, tangerine and passion fruit. Medium-bodied, smooth and bittersweet.

brewbrawl-wk6-star-chickenv2Star Chicken Shotgun, Greenbush Brewing Company
[IPA] 6.8% ABV
80 IBU
Slightly sweet yet spicy, with hints of malt, candied orange, pine and faint caramel undertones. Medium bodied with bitter hoppy finish.

Truthfully, I was both pleased and disappointed with the malt-heavy nature of both brands. Pleased, as it was incredibly easy to compare one to the other; and disappointed as IPA is my favorite style of beer, but typically because of their hop-heavy qualities, which are absent in the malt-forward varieties. That said, I cannot complain as both beers were pleasant and easy to drink. Ultimately, I thought the flavor profiles of Star Chicken Shotgun were a bit more fulfilling and complete. However, if you prefer less pungent versions of IPA, these brews are for you.

WINNER: Arizona Cardinals/ Star Chicken Shotgun

Be sure to check back tomorrow for this Sunday’s matchup: Philadelphia Eagles vs Dallas Cowboys.


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