BrewBrawl Week 7: Eagles vs Cowboys

Welcome back, BrewBrawl fans!

Hard to believe it’s already Sunday. Of course it’s always painful to think about starting the work week all over again tomorrow morning. But thankfully, we still have one more night to kick our feet up and enjoy ourselves. So, let’s not waste any time and get straight to the good part– Philadelphia Eagles vs Dallas Cowboys.

[Rules Refresh: Based solely on name and/or label appearance, a craft beer is assigned by me to each team. The matchup’s will reflect the two teams playing Sunday Night Football that week. Thus, all post-season playoff games and championship rounds are TBD.]

Philadelphia Eagles vs Dallas Cowboys

modus-hoperandiModus Hoperandi, Ska Brewing Company
[IPA] 6.8% ABV
88 IBU
Strong citrus aromas followed by pine rise from the glass. As it moves across your tongue… bitterness… following close behind is a melding of citrus and pine with light caramel sweetness.


scape-goat-beer2Dallas Cowboys: Scape Goat Pale Ale
Big Sky Brewing Company, Missoula MT [English Pale Ale, EPA] 5.0% ALC
40 IBU
Vague hops, toasted malt, with notes of caramel and citrus. Refreshing light body and slightly dry finish, making it extremely drinkable.


For anyone keeping score, only one of these beers is making it’s BrewBrawl debut… And WOW did it make an amazing first impression! As you may recall, I have my gripes with Scape Goat, but absolutely none of them apply to Modus Hoperandi. In my opinion, Ska Brewing Company brewed up the perfect example of what a hop-heavy IPA should taste like. A new favorite, for sure.

WINNER: Modus Hoperandi/ Philadelphia Eagles

Be sure to check back next week for Denver Broncos vs Oakland Raiders…


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