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Brexit Proceeds

While a case over the legality of a Brexit is before Britain’s rather new Supreme Court, the House of Commons has voted to move forward with Brexit. That vote should, one might think, influence their judiciary’s decisions.

Essentially, the vote drew in large numbers of all the parties in the House of Commons calling for the British Government to publish its plans for Brexit before beginning the exit process and also to invoke Article 50 by the end of March next year.

There had been a lot of concerns that Parliament would simply ignore the will of the people and there has been one court that rejected Brexit, which is why the issue is on appeal to Britain’s Supreme Court.

There appears to be no going backwards now. Labor is decimated across the country and even now behind the Tories in Scotland. The House of Commons vote was a vote of 373.

It’s time to move forward with Britain being British and not just a subsidiary of France and Germany.

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