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Brexit Talks Are About to Start

The U.K. Parliament has approved a plan to let the Prime Minister move forward with Brexit.

British lawmakers Monday removed the final hurdle to Prime Minister Theresa May’s plan to start talks on the U.K. leaving the European Union, a milestone moment that sets the stage for unwinding 40 years of close, complex cross-Channel ties.

Mrs. May is expected to move this month to formally trigger what will likely be two years of negotiations. The two sides publicly remain far apart on central issues, raising the risk of a messy denouement detrimental to both sides.

If you will recall, a court demanded that the Prime Minister get parliamentary approval despite a popular national referendum. Every pro-EU judge and legislator has been trying to throw up road blocks. But ultimately, Parliament realized it had to respect the will of the people.

Likewise, as the EU continues to take on water, it is becoming more and more obvious the sustainability of the EU is not long term guaranteed. Britain’s departure may speed up the disintegration, but it was bound to happen anyway.

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