Asheville, North Carolina, USA - April 2, 2016: People fly symbolic flags and hold signs protesting North Carolina's HB2 law that restricts the rights of those who are transgender

Bridge Too Far? Trans Movement May Be Costing the Left Bigly

Two days ago after reading Marie Claire’s epically horrendous “this is men celebrating maleness” take on the new Dunkirk movie, I wrote these words,

Here’s what the left in this country, and its coalition of intersectional victimhood groups don’t seem to yet understand: normal people don’t think like this, don’t want to think like this, are turned off by this, and are beginning to revolt against it. It’s easy to say that this is “how you got Trump,” but that belittles the much larger issue. This type of grievance-mongering, perpetually-insulted, self-absorbed bitterness is provoking far more than a one-time presidential election anomaly. It’s making leftism a toxic laughingstock to people who don’t want to live in a state of continual offense.

Less than a day later, conservative author (and hilarious Twitter follow) Bethany Mandel affirmed this same reality in an extremely astute analysis of President Trump’s recent ban on transgenderism in the military.

In her piece, Mandel acknowledged that the left’s assault on basic societal norms and sexual mores has been so rapid, so aggressive, and so unrelenting that though it took a few years to catch its breath from the sucker-punch, American culture is beginning to push back.

Perhaps it’s social media that allows those historically bullied by leftist elites who act as the gatekeepers of what’s cool and socially acceptable to realize there are many of us who find the leftist assault off-putting. Perhaps it’s the awareness that conservatives weren’t prudish Chicken Littles committing logical fallacies about a slippery slope after all. Perhaps it’s the recognition that there is always another cause, another letter to be added in the now comically absurd LGBTQIAA2P alphabet soup of supposed orientations that won’t end until we have arrived at complete sexual anarchy.

But whatever it is, Mandel believes that Trump’s willingness to thwart the left on their newly minted transgender demands movement is a sign that he knows the culture isn’t with them:

With the gay-marriage debate there were many on the right who took a “live and let live” philosophy. But we learned it’s not enough for gay marriage to be legalized; activists on the left also were out to punish anyone who wasn’t totally on board. Religious Americans not interested in participating in gay weddings, including bakers and photographers, had their livelihoods destroyed. Americans aren’t going to make that mistake again. The transgender lobby is out to drastically alter our society and will lob accusations of bigotry at anyone who shows even the slightest hesitation to endorse their cause. The same life-destroying tactics the Left used against those who didn’t want to participate in gay weddings will next be used on those who won’t pretend that a man can become a woman on nothing more than a whim.


Donald Trump knows this, and knows that Americans are reaching the limit of what they’re willing to accept. The hysteria regarding his tweets only solidifies his support, despite hopes from the Left that accusations of bigotry will erode it.

Don’t misunderstand, Trump isn’t a leader on this issue. He isn’t some social conservative warrior fighting to reclaim the culture from a movement of radicals and revolutionaries. No, his decision to take this stand was not made to sway the opinions of the masses, but to reflect and embody them.

Trump thinks the self-contradictory claptrap that is Target’s “Dudes can Pee with Little Girls” crusade, Planned Parenthood’s “Teach Your Pre-Schoolers About Sex, Transgenderism, and Masturbation” curriculum, and Harvard’s “Your Gender Can Change Daily” studies are causing the left to lose ground in the culture.

As terrifying as that may be to LGBT activists, and as offensive as it may be to all their pawns in pop media culture and Hollywood, he may just be right.

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