Britain Returns to Two Parties

The United Kingdom has largely returned to an era of two parties. Having been divided up between several causes over the past few years, the Liberal Democrats shrank, UKIP was wiped out, and voters moved back to the Conservatives and Labour.

With London area residents opposed to Brexit, they moved left. Scotland moved right. Everyone else just shuffled around. It was a disaster for Theresa May who never should have been Prime Minister in the first place. She was the milquetoast candidate who everyone settled on, but she stood for nothing and sat around doing nothing as terror was on the rise in the UK. She completely botched an election she called to advance her agenda. Those around her should be fired and driven from politics permanently. She herself needs to step down.

The Tories will keep control, but by the barest margin. Their majority will again be a coalition. They’ll have a hung Parliament, which I assure the President is not an off color joke about his tiny hands. Jeremy Corbyn, the nutter who makes Bernie Sanders look mainstream, will be able to gloat. But we should not see this as a win for Corbyn so much as a loss for May. She was rejected. He was not embraced.

One thing that we should note is that it appears in the London area it was not just Brexit that saw the Tories lose. A certain world leader with a Twitter candidate attacked the mayor of the city after a terrorist attack. That allowed said mayor to create a wedge issue against the Prime Minister over a state dinner invitation.

It is time for Prime Minister Boris Johnson, though I still wish we’d get to see William Hague as Prime Minister. That day, however, is past.

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