Britton Stein

He sounds like a good guy:

SUGAR LAND, Tex. — This is the home of Britton Stein, who describes George W. Bush as “a man, a man’s man, a manly man,” and Al Gore as “a ranting and raving little whiny baby.”

Forty-nine years old, Stein is a husband, a father, a landscaper and a Republican. He lives in a house that has six guns in the closets and 21 crosses in the main hallway. His wife cuts his hair with electric clippers. His three daughters aren’t embarrassed when he kisses them on their cheeks. He loves his family, hamburgers and his dog. He believes in God, prays daily and goes to church weekly. He has a jumbo smoker in his back yard and a 40-foot tree he has climbed to hang Christmas lights. He has a pickup truck that he has filled with water for the Fourth of July parade, driving splashing kids around a community where Boy Scouts plant American flags in the yards. His truck is a Chevy. His beer is Bud Light. His savior is Jesus Christ. His neighbors include Rep. Tom DeLay (R-Tex.), the House majority leader, who says of Sugar Land, “I think it is America.”

WaPo is doing its five part series on Blue and Red America. Of course, Red America should be the lefty communists who vote for Kerry, but no — the press would never do that to their own.

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  • Just imagine that if government replaces the so-called liberal programs–Affirmation Action, welfare, foodstamps–with workfare and business education in public schools, the ‘conservatives’ will be faced with tough competition from Afro-Americans, women, and others. Members of ‘Red America’ will be the first to squawk when their businesses have to compete with Black-owned or women-owned businesses more so than ever.

  • How much you want to bet the WaPo finds all the democrats who are victims of the Bush Administration’s failed policies?

    I wonder how many “South Park Republicans” will be featured.