Broke Trump Campaign Doesn’t Believe In Data, or Facts

Donald Trump and his campaign think they can scam America and nobody will be the wiser. They operate like a Nigerian email scam. The dupes who actually believe that Lord Parshwar left $25 million and his personal banker wishes to pay you $1 million to allow your bank account to be used to launder that money respond no matter how the facts line up.

Trump’s campaign sent its very first fundraising email on June 21, followed by another on June 22. They got $3.3 million from the first, and $3.4 million from the second, according to spokesbunny Hope Hicks, who qualified her statements–meaning she ignored the facts and said what her boss wanted her to say.

“The campaign raised $3.3 million on Tuesday and $3.4 million yesterday,” Trump spokeswoman Hope Hicks told Ad Age. “Only a portion of that was via email marketing and the remainder is attributed to online donations.”

What portion? Well, she didn’t say. But the data tells its own story.

The first mistake the Trump campaign made is that they used the domain for the fundraising emails, a domain they’d used only since June 16. Previous emails came from That guaranteed a fail.

Nearly 60% of those first-ever fundraiser emails, however, never reached inboxes. Instead, they were automatically relegated to recipients’ spam folders, according to Return Path, which evaluates email campaigns using estimates based on its panel of 2.5 million active email users.

The email tracker also reported that just 12% of recipients opened the email and 6% deleted it without reading it.

In short: It’s impossible that Trump generated anything close to $3 million from his stupid emails. It simply didn’t happen.

[Tom Sather, senior director of research at Return Path] compared the singular Trump fundraising email with the most successful email sent by the Obama re-election campaign on June 26, 2012, titled “I will be outspent,” which garnered $2.6 million. “Obama’s team was able to achieve this amount through extensive A/B testing and behavioral targeting,” said Mr. Sather.

I’d be surprised if either of Trump’s emails netted $1 million. Only those who would respond to the Nigerian scammers would bother. But facts and data don’t matter to Trump.

Should the GOP reward this con man with the nomination in Cleveland, they’ll all continue believing against the facts right up until election day, when the fantasy world comes crashing down.

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