Brooklyn Borough President: Off-Duty Cops Should Carry Guns in Places of Worship

Eric L. Adams, a Democrat and former NYPD captain, encouraged off duty cops to carry guns in places of worship.


Eric L. Adams, the Brooklyn, NY borough president and a retired captain of the New York Police Department, says he will start carrying his handgun in places of worship now following the tragic anti-Semitic shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, PA.


“From now on,” said Adams, “I will bring my handgun every time I enter a church or synagogue.”


The Borough president is also quoted as saying the following during the press conference:


“I used to carry my gun all the time when I went to church,” the retired cop-turned-pol said at a press conference Sunday, according to video posted to social media. “If we have police officers standing in front of churches, then we can’t say it’s wrong for a police officer who’s off duty to be inside churches with a gun.


“If they’re leaving those firearms home, I now say to them: Stop leaving your firearm home. Do as I do. Bring your firearm to church.”


Adams’ message was intended for off-duty cops. Whether or not this call would extend to other law-abiding gun owners in New York City remains to be seen. NYC is one of the hardest places for law-abiding gun owners to obtain concealed handgun permits.


It should be noted that the Brooklyn borough president is a registered Democrat. He made these remarks in New York City’s Midwood neighborhood, which is home to the city’s highest concentrations of Orthodox Jews.


New York Assemblyman Dov Hikind, a conservative Democrat and Orthodox Jew, says he’ll also register for a gun permit as well:

This is a good step, especially in gun control ridden New York City. I hope Mr. Adams’ message extends to other police departments across the country—especially those in deep blue pockets where legal gun ownership and concealed carry laws are highly discouraged.

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