FILE - This Aug. 30, 2009 file photo shows Big Bird, of the children's television show Sesame Street, in Los Angeles. sold out of several takes on Big Bird almost overnight after Romney's remark during the first presidential debate Oct. 3. Disguise Inc., Sesame Workshop's official costume maker, said interest is up among the thousands of retailers it services. The sellers of unlicensed Big Bird, especially sexed-up versions, beware. (AP Photo/Matt Sayles, File)

Budget Cuts Coming: Who Will PBS Trot Out Now That Big Bird Is at HBO?

The Trump Transition team is planning to do some serious budget cutting based on a plan from the Heritage Foundation. The plan would, among other things, privatize PBS and NPR.

When Republicans last looked to do this, PBS and the left trotted out Big Bird and claimed that the GOP would kill Big Bird and break kids’ hearts. But, it turns out PBS did that all on its own. Sesame Street went broke and moved to HBO. First run Sesame Street episodes now appear on HBO then re-run on PBS.

That, it would seem, will give Republicans the ammunition they need to show there are viable models to keep PBS going without government subsidy. Frankly, if Big Bird had a better marketing team, which he’d have in the private sector, Sesame Street would not have gone broke on PBS.

Privatizing public broadcasting should be a no brainer. Like Planned Parenthood, I have no doubt a million bleeding heart liberals will cough up the cash to keep it going just to spite Republicans, not appreciating that this is exactly what the GOP expected would happen.

We have a $20 trillion national debt. Every bit of government needs some cutting. The Defense Department needs to cut the F-35. The Corporation for Public Broadcasting needs to convert to privatized non-profit status without government subsidy or become a for profit enterprise.

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