Budget Time

I have not attended any of the initial hearings. Thank God for the committee system. I have no guilt at all about this as I have full faith in Nancy, Tom, Mike, and Virgil to go through these things.

I did, however, spend five hours yesterday at the airport getting remarkably sunburned vetting all the proposals for the essential air service carrier.

One thing on the budget: I understand Tom’s concerns about the budget being based on a privatization plan that has not even been approved yet, but I am leaning towards the plan sight unseen. I know the mayor has been studying this issue for much longer than he has been in office.

I also know that over 80% of municipalities in the United States have moved to privatization. And there is no trend away from privatization. I cannot believe Macon keeping this as a public operation is in sound judgment and a good show of stewardship of the public funds.

Privatization is not a bad thing and it will save the tax payers a lot of money.

I certainly can be persuaded if it is a crap deal, but given the mayor’s hesitation to privatize stuff, if he’s willing in this case, it probably is a good deal.

Lastly, I think it is time to do a wholesale defunding of the Museum of Arts & Sciences, the Cherry Blossom Festival, etc.

I know I’ll lose out altogether on that. There aren’t enough votes to kill that. But we don’t leave people plugged in for as long as we’re leaving these programs plugged in to the taxpayer teet.

I realize they generate revenue for the city, but that is not much of a reason to keep them around if they can’t make it on their own.

But again, I am an army of one on that issue.

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