Bulldoze It

People in Macon are fighting over the proposed widening of Forest Hill Road, a major artery on the north side of town that once was just a peaceful meandering road with houses coming fairly close to the road.

I say bulldoze it. While I am sympathetic to the ideas, such as roundabouts, etc., I think we need to accept the fact that there are an overabundance of 15mph driving blue haired senior citizens on that road who tie up traffic in 15 car backlogs, exacerbated by people cutting through from the interstate when there is a wreck.

Life goes on and it is time for Forest Hill Road to be expanded. It may not make the homeowners happy who live on that road, but the rest of us will breath a sigh of relief when we no longer get stuck behind granny in her Lincoln Town car slamming on the brakes for every curve in the road.

Besides, all the progressives in town who are obstructing the expansion should be happy. It is, after all, progress.

Oh, and while I grew up overseas and am comfortable driving around roundabouts, you will never, ever get a redneck comfortable with a French idea.

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  • Hallelujah!!
    Finally someone who agrees with me on this! I was just saying some of these same things to Sarah the other day.

    We live in a neighborhood off of Forest Hill, and have to deal with that ridiculous traffic every day. The road is a MAJOR traffic artery for North Macon, and there is far too much congestion right now.

    I understand the opposition doen’t want that extra 10 feet of their yard to be taken from them, and they don’t like the idea of increased speeds, but the current situation has got to change. Macon has to move forward and one of the biggest problems right now is the roads. The simple fact is that many of the roads in Macon were designed for MUCH smaller traffic volumes than they are now experiencing – Forest Hill is one of the worst, as is Bass Road, and the I-16/I-75 interchange.

    I realize people can be resistant to change, but we have to move on. I can’t take too many more instances of sitting at the entrance to my neighborhood, waiting for 90% of Macon to pass by at 10mph before I can get on with my life.

  • Now, you and I are just being insensitive. We need blue hair and pony tails to truly be sympathetic to the plight of the homeowners and pine trees on Forest Hill. Shame on you.