But Bake That Cake, Bigot

A business in Hawaii is announcing no Trump supporters will be allowed to eat there. The Democrats cheering on the “bold” stand want Baronelle Stutzman, however, to provide flowers for a gay wedding even though doing so violates her religious beliefs.

Liberals are outraged that the Rockettes are going to perform for Trump. They think any Rockette who objects should be allowed to bail on the performance. In fact, Rockettes will not be compelled to perform, but the initial leftist outrage was premised on compulsory attendance. These same leftists think Sweet Cakes by Melissa should have to bake a cake for a gay wedding or be put out of business.

The left thinks performers who are refusing to lend their talents to Trump’s inauguration are heroes, but any Christian small business owner who refuses to lend his talents to a religious ceremony that violates his beliefs is a bigot who should be punished by the state.

It is Hypocrisy 101.

The crowd that demands, “Bake us a cake, bigot” shows its bigotry and hostility to orthodox Christian beliefs.

Perhaps instead of demanding small business owners violate their conscience we should let the free market decide, just like with the business in Hawaii. If you don’t want to shop at the Christian bakery or florist or photographer’s store, don’t.

But then don’t make them provide goods and services to a religious ceremony that forces them to choose between their livelihood and their God.

This is why we need religious liberty protections in this country.

And before you go comparing this to the civil rights movement, you don’t need a bumpersticker to tell people you’re black. No, homosexuality is not the same thing.

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