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But President Obama Said The Elections Were Not Rigged Before His Side Lost

“We will know how seriously the White House really takes this by how hard they pursue it after the Electoral College meets.”

I find it increasingly hard to believe this administration on the Russia story. Just before the election the administration was adamant that the elections were not being rigged and it was un-American to suggest such a thing. But now that Hillary Clinton has lost, suddenly the administration has a high degree of confidence the Russians were involved.

And most of the people willing to talk on record opposed Trump to begin with.

Hmmmmm . . .

Notice that there is no evidence that the Russians hacked computers to change election results. The only thing that got hacked were email system and the DNC. And considering how much of the media downplayed the story except media outlets already hostile to Hillary, I have a hard time believing those emails persuaded anybody.

Here from the NBC report:

Two senior officials with direct access to the information say new intelligence shows that Putin personally directed how hacked material from Democrats was leaked and otherwise used. The intelligence came from diplomatic sources and spies working for U.S. allies, the officials said.

Putin’s objectives were multifaceted, a high-level intelligence source told NBC News. What began as a “vendetta” against Hillary Clinton morphed into an effort to show corruption in American politics and to “split off key American allies by creating the image that [other countries] couldn’t depend on the U.S. to be a credible global leader anymore,” the official said.

No where is there evidence that Russians hacked voting machines. And it becomes even harder to believe this after the Democrats spent weeks telling us James Comey was to blame for Hillary’s loss.

They’re really just grasping.

Look, I think we need to be concerned. I think we need to investigate this. But right now the Democrats are trying to use this story to suggest the Electoral College go for Clinton. It seems the way the Democrats are treating this is as a partisan political ploy when it is really a national security story.

As a result, perhaps they should stop the PR campaign with the press in the run up to the Electoral College meeting and probe quietly, releasing a report on January 4th after the new Congress convenes. It would seem vastly less opportunistic and desperately partisan.

This needs to be looked in to. But the impression these reports give and that Josh Earnest is giving in his White House press briefing is that the White House really doesn’t care except to the extent their side lost the election. That is unfortunate.

We will know how seriously the White House really takes this by how hard they pursue it after the Electoral College meets. If they drop it, we’ll know it was a partisan ploy. If the drumbeat continues, all of us will need to take it seriously, including Donald Trump.

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