Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore speaks to the media during a press conference, Monday, Aug. 8, 2016, in Montgomery, Ala. The chief justice continues to fight against gay marriage in Alabama. Moore has been suspended from office after the Judicial Inquiry Commission accused him of violating the canons of judicial ethics with his actions during the fight over same-sex marriage. Moore will attend a hearing Monday that will determine the course of the judicial ethics case against the suspended Alabama Chief Justice. (AP Photo/Brynn Anderson)

But The Left Never Holds Its Own Side to the Standards You’d Hold Roy Moore To

Y’all, in addition to seeing friends circulating stuff that is undoubtedly of Russian origin to defend Roy Moore, I have had a cavalcade of friends (the ones who think I’m throwing Moore under the bus as opposed to the ones who think I am defending him) yelling at me telling me that by accepting the accusations against Moore, I am treating him as guilty until proven innocent and the left would never do this. They would stand by their man so I should stand by Roy Moore.

First, Hillary Clinton was innocent until proven guilty too and you all were chanting “lock her up.” Like with Roy Moore, we are entitled to review the publicly available evidence and make up our own minds. If you conclude it is a partisan hit job, so be it. If you conclude that these are multiple women of like profile who did not know each other and made contemporaneous reports to others when the actions occurred and so are probably telling the truth with 30 years of memory between the events and now, so be it.

We all get to decide for ourselves on this one.

Second, I am not of the left. I hold my own side to a higher standard and spent a good deal of time in politics at an early age circling the wagons to protect my tribe only to realize I was circling wagons to prop up and protect a bunch of sinners who really were not all that different from those on the other side. They just had a different donor base to reward.

“So they’ll win every time then,” you reply.

First, no because sometimes they do get exposed as moral cretins and the media is forced to take them down. Hello Anthony Weiner. Hello Bob Torricelli. Hello William Jefferson.

Second, I have read the end of the Bible. They do not win in the end. Justice arrives in this lifetime or the next for all of us. So I am not worried about an advance by the left so much as I am glorifying God. And I’m just not sure I glorify him by acting like progressive secular atheists who mock him.

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