Butler University to Offer Course on How Trump is Satan

Few people outside of my home state of Indiana had any idea about Butler University until a few years ago when men’s basketball coach Brad Stevens, now the coach of the NBA’s Boston Celtics, took the school to back-to-back national title games. Since then Butler’s remarkable basketball success for a school whose enrollment doesn’t quite reach 5,000 has put the university on the map.

That is until recently when the school has gained a high profile for a much less inspiring, much more divisive reason. It seems that like virtually every other college in the country, Butler’s staff is fully stocked with left-wing activists posing as professors to collect a tenured salary.

What else can explain the new course Butler intends to offer this coming fall: “Trumpism and U.S. Democracy.” Most Americans who have even the faintest idea of the cesspool of regressive liberalism that the country’s college campuses have become would not be surprised at all to hear that President Trump is regularly mocked and criticized in collegiate lecture halls across the fruited plain. What might surprise them is just how callous and cavalier the schools have become about it.

Here was the original course description for this Butler class as posted by the professor and university:

Donald J. Trump won the U.S. Presidency despite perpetuating sexism, white supremacy, xenophobia, nationalism, nativism, and imperialism. This course explores why and how this happened, how Trump’s rhetoric is contrary to the foundation of the U.S. democracy, and what his win means for the future. The course will also discuss, and potentially engage in, strategies for resistance.

Are you kidding me? I understand that no one on college campuses, administrators, professors, teaching assistants, or students, feel the need to hide their slavish allegiance to Democrat Party politics. And I completely get that many of these schools see turning out future Democrat voters and activists to be their primary mission.

What’s truly alarming about this course isn’t the predictable politics of the professor. No, far worse is the fraud being perpetuated by a supposedly prestigious university pretending that this is an actual academic course rather than a leftwing catharsis project.

Parents shell out nearly $37,000 a year so their child can go potentially sit under the tutelage of professors like Ann Savage who are so consumed in their visceral hatred for Donald Trump that they create entire credentialed courses just to rant about him. Seriously, that opening line of her course description should have just said, “Donald Trump won the U.S. Presidency despite being Satan in the flesh.”

Butler defends the course under the guise of academic freedom, but it has made the professor drop any public references to her leading active Trump-bashing from her course description. In other words, Butler was humiliated not for offering a course like this, but merely by the fact that they were exposed for it.

Which means they won’t change the class, they’ll just change the description.

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