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BuzzFeed Contends Women Really Want to Share Bathrooms With Men

For Buzzfeed millennials, it is like history does not matter. They can reinterpret facts and history instead of accepting fact as fact. It is to be expected when they actually think that boys can decide to become girls, but what is really happening is the advocates of transgenderism are reinterpreting facts through a reality distortion field. What is real becomes mythology and mythology becomes real. This is the latest effort and it completely reinterprets the historic developments of hygiene to claim that women were forced into women’s bathrooms against their will because of paternalistic men.

I kid you not.

Though women had been leaving their homes to work in factories for decades, Kogan writes, the end of the 19th century saw a conflation of multiple social anxieties, from cholera panic left over from the Civil War to Victorian preoccupations with modesty and privacy, particularly concerning the body and bodily functions, to the mounting task of “protecting” fragile women in the public sphere. At the same time, burgeoning evolutionary biologists were peddling the theory that women were physically and mentally inferior to men. Thus, a collision of Victorian paternalism and junk science birthed the gender-segregated public restroom.

In other words, because women were viewed as inferior to men, they needed their own bathrooms.

That is not true at all.

The simple fact is that as women ventured out more and more into workplaces and halls of government in urban areas, polite society passed laws demanding separate bathrooms for men so that the women did not have to deal with pee on the seats, bawdy behavior, and urinals. It had nothing to do with thinking them inferior and everything to do with good manners.

In fact, even today the vast majority of women would vastly perfer their own public bathrooms to a unisex bathroom.

This historic revisionism is nonsense to convince the world that mythology is real and reality is a myth.

While separate women’s restrooms were indeed the product of sexist beliefs regarding women’s fragility and (lack of) power, white women were still afforded far more favorable restroom conditions than women of color — conditions they maintained for themselves through racist fearmongering.

People actually believe all this. It is insanity and should be called out as insanity and as historic revisionism for one crazy agenda — subjecting women to pee on toilet seats.

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