Buzzfeed Attack on Chip and Joanna Backfires

Ben Smith and Buzzfeed’s relentless anti-Christian bigotry may have over played their hand. Tuesday’s attack post, by Kate Arthur, has been met with denunciation from across the political spectrum. From posts by our own Erick Erickson and Gabby Hoffman to a self-described liberal homosexual, writing for the Washington post.

Not only has this cowardly attack failed to hurt Chip and Joanna, it’s now backfired on Buzzfeed.

While HGTV is spiking the ball and celebrating the record-breaking premier of Fixer-Upper, Buzzfeed is on defense.

Brandon Ambrosino, described the attack by Buzzfeed as dangerous. He believes it’s dangerous for several reasons (and he’s right) but he particularly points out that the attack is actually quite counterproductive for the LGBT community.

Enter Trump — the voice of all of the people liberals and activists have been shutting up for the past eight years. It’s no secret that part of Trump’s success is owed to how skillfully he invalidated the media’s authority in the eyes of his conservative followers. The message was very clearly: The media doesn’t like me because I’m conservative, and they don’t like you because you’re conservative, and they’re going to try to ruin all of us, so let’s just ignore them.

And then, like clockwork, BuzzFeed published a story proving him right.

The old strategy of journalists shaming “hicks” is not going to work anymore because our new president seems to be on their side. Sure, no one really believes Trump is homophobic, and sure, he has given his word that same-sex marriage will not be overturned. But as is very clear by now, Vice President-elect Mike Pence (who is literally one heartbeat away from the presidency) has a political past that rightly scares LGBT people and our allies. Also very clear: Many enthusiastic Trump supporters oppose same-sex marriage. Like it or not, we now have to engage them.

It’s clear that Brandon realizes much more about the state of play (as well as basic persuasion/manners and journalism) than Ben Smith can comprehend.

Watching Ben Smith self-immolating on twitter, trying to defend their bigoted attacks, has been a blast. It seems that responding to reasoned arguments and his own institutional double-standards isn’t something he does well…

Christians are called to shine our light wherever we are. While my exposure to Chip and Joanna is limited to watching their show on Netflix, I see a couple who tries to glorify God ever day. Christianity isn’t just a Sunday thing for them, it’s a lifestyle.

I’m proud that they’ve lived their faith in such a way as to be both blameless of wrongdoing and worthy of being a target.

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