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BuzzFeed Confirms Its Bias. Won’t Take Republican Advertising

The Republican National Committee had intended to do an autumn advertising campaign with BuzzFeed, but no more. The powers that be at BuzzFeed have determined that because Donald Trump is the Republican nominee, there will be no RNC advertising at BuzzFeed.

Look, I dislike Donald Trump too, but if he wanted to dump a ton of advertising on The Resurgent or my radio show, I’d gladly take it to cover the costs of all my criticisms of him. This is liberal bias, nothing more. They can claim it is not an editorial decision, but it really is.

Whether I like Donald Trump or not, he is the nominee of one of the two major political parties and actually does have a shot at being President of the United States. This is childish and it is just another example of censorious leftism.

BuzzFeed has taken the editorial position that Christians should be forced to provide goods and services to marriage services they disagree with, but BuzzFeed gets to keep its conscience pure.

It is hypocrisy at its finest.

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