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BWAHAHA!! Leftist Magazine, Rolling Stone, Up For Sale

Radical left-wing magazine/birdcage liner, Rolling Stone, is in serious financial difficulty.  Following a series of legal liabilities and incompetent business moves, the founder, Jann Wenner, and his son are putting their dumpster fire up for sale.

Once a legendary music publication, it evolved into a liberal mouthpiece for every progressive issue imaginable.  This isn’t surprising, considering Mr. Wenner founded the magazine in 1967 as a 21 year old hippie attending the University of California at Berkeley.

But the owners’ socialist tendencies aren’t stopping them from trying to make bank on their baby.  Mr. Wenner wants to sell to a buyer with “a lot of money” but also stay involved to continue running the company into the ground.  This is despite the fact the magazine has repeatedly praised Bernie Sanders’ socialism as well as condemned capitalism in the guise of an article slamming Goldman Sachs.  In 2009, one of their articles described the massive investment bank thusly:

“The world’s most powerful investment bank is a great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money.”

Slight hint of hypocrisy?  I suspect most companies with “a lot of money” that can buy Rolling Stone have at some point relentlessly jammed their blood funnels into anything that smells like money.  This hypocrisy is very much in keeping with Leftists though.  Remember Bernie Sanders’ three mansions?

Well, Leftist kooks play by their own bizarre moral code.  And in recent years, Rolling Stone has gone out of its way to bring the crazy.

In 2013, the magazine glorified terrorism and murder when they put a glamour shot of the Boston Marathon bomber, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, on its cover.  They caught massive backlash and a brief boycott for it.  But instead of apologizing like decent human beings, they rationalized their puff piece as “serious and thoughtful coverage.”

Then in 2014, Rolling Stone ran a disgusting article titled, “A Rape on Campus”.  It purported to describe a gang rape at the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity on the campus of the University of Virginia.  It was completely made-up and destroyed the reputations of innocent people falsely accused by the magazine.  Despite the lies quickly unraveling, Rolling Stone didn’t fully retract the article for 6 months.  The university, the fraternity, and several fraternity members filed lawsuits against both Rolling Stone magazine and the article’s author.  Rolling Stone recently settled for a hefty sum.

Mr. Wenner has since said the rape article was the magazine’s greatest mistake.  Oh, really?  If he’s so sorry, then why did it take 6 months to fully retract?  Does he regret it because they screwed up, or because they got caught?

These legal troubles combined with poor business decisions have put the magazine in dire straits.

The publication certainly deserves to go into the trash bin of history.  But then what will I shred and put into the bottom of my birdcage?  It’s the yellow journalism that my parakeet prefers!  I may not be a multi-millionaire snob like Jann Wenner, but I too have some First World problems.

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