By The Numbers: Trump Is Not Going To Be President

My friend and election abacist extraordinaire Brandon Finnigan has penned the penultimate* take-down of Trump, by the numbers.

This piece could be rather short. Indeed, I could simply say what most analysts think but are careful not to admit loudly for fear of being proven wrong: Trump, at this rate, isn’t going to be president. Instead, I will try to explain why — which, in short, is that he has no credible path. At one time, it looked as if Trump could make it to the White House through Pennsylvania (a few weeks ago, I made this case at length). Now, however, his numbers in that state are plummeting. That Clinton “bounce” we heard so much about after the Democratic election? It’s now a sustained gap, and it threatens to swallow most if not all of the endangered down-ballot seats.

In the end, elections come down to voters, and voters are telling anyone who will listen that they are not voting for The Donald. Anyone who thinks differently is whistling past the graveyard or delusional.

Read the whole thing.

*It’s penultimate because the ultimate take-down will be on November 8.

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