CAIR Says What Most Leftists Think: America is to Blame, Not Terrorists

At least they are all starting to be open about it. It’s like the leftists mocking and harassing those who offered prayers during the terror attack in California. They believe the majority agrees with them so they can be unafraid to mouth off.

So God and those who pray to him get mocked and America gets the blame. In the last forty-eight hours, in fact, there has been an organized effort to humanize the terrorists and portray them as just normal people.

I openly wondered if someone would blame post partum depression for causing the shooting and in less than twenty-four hours someone on CNN raised that very issue. Someone else said the “Christmas” party could have been a provocation.

Everyone and everything is to be blamed except the terrorists. That is the American left and the apologists for terrorism. It is somewhat refreshing that they are willing to be so open about it.

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