Cali HS removes mirrors from girls’ bathrooms

In what must surely be a huge blow to Instagram, Laguna Hills High School has removed the mirrors from its girls’ restrooms and replaced them with affirmation posters.

There was no word on whether mirrors were also removed from the various types of gender-phobic bathrooms, or whether transgendered students who would normally prefer the girls’ room would be allowed in the boys’ room instead.

Messages relayed by the posters include “You Are Worth It”, “You Are Strong Enough”, and “You Are Loved”, just to name a few.

Apparently missing from the posters are messages such as “You Have Broccoli In Your Teeth”, “Your Mascara Is Running” and “Potty Selfies Are So, Like, Yesterday”.

At what point those posters took over the space that had previously been used for bathroom mirrors is not clear from the story. Also left out is whether the same action was taken in the boys’ restrooms, though one would think that providing teenage boys with mirrors to pop their zits on but not girls would constitute a Title IX violation.

The story – brought to us by ABC News – tells us that the act of placing affirmation posters in the school – a genuinely great idea hatched by student Sabrina Astle  – began as an effort to “find a way to make a difference.”

Sabrina goes on to say that she “did this because I am passionate about the fact that everyone is important and everyone needs to be cared for.”

Kudos to Sabrina for the concern, anyway. But as a former high school teacher I’d like to request one more sign for those girls’ restrooms.

“We Love You, But You Really Should Get Back To Class Now.”

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