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California Law Seeks to Punish Other States For Allowing Religious Groups to Exist

The left’s ongoing war against religion has escalated to a new and absurd level. California now has a law that prohibits state funded travel to states it believes discriminate against the BLT&G community. The latest target is Kansas. Why? Well, Kansas has a law that allows religious groups to exist on college campuses. Since a Christian group would want a Christian in charge of it and an Islamic group would want a Muslim in charge of it, California has determined that would potentially discriminate against the BLT&G community.

Kansas is on the travel prohibition list because of a 2016 law that enabled college campus religious groups to require that members adhere to their religious beliefs and standards. That law was crafted partially in response to a controversy in California that occurred when a Christian student group lost recognition on California State University campuses for failure to comply with an “all comers” non-discrimination policy in 2014.

In other words, leftwing nut jobs from California will not be able to use California tax dollars to go into other states that refuse to be bigots toward religious groups. Sounds like a win-win to me, but it also shows the left will not stop until religions in America are forced to abandon adherence to their beliefs.

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