California Sets Its Sights on Stamping Out Religious Education

The California General Assembly is considering new legislation designed to punish religious institutions of higher education. The legislation, S.B. 1146, would deny funding to any college or university affiliated with a religious institution if that religious institution adheres to its religious teachings on sex and marriage. In effect, what the legislation would do is tell religious institutions that to compete on the same playing field as secular institutions, the religious institutions must behave like secular institutions. That is not in keeping with the spirit or intent of the first amendment.

The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission has released a statement in support of religious education in America. I have signed it along with others including Robert P. George, Ryan T. Anderson, Thomas White, Justin Taylor, Mark Tooley, John Stonestreet, Karen Swallow Prior, Thomas S. Kidd, David French, Ramesh Ponnuru, Jason G. Duesing, Jason K. Allen, Michael Wear, Russell D. Moore, Rick Warren, and many, many others.

I would encourage readers of The Resurgent to add their names in support of this cause.

From the statement:

Religious higher education cultivates both the mind and the soul. Senate Bill 1146 endangers the integrity of religious education institutions and discourages them from acting according to their conscience for fear of government retribution. As Americans with a rich legacy of freedoms afforded to us by the laws of nature and of nature’s God, and enshrined in the Constitution, we can do better. As we renew our commitment to religious pluralism in the public square, we should embrace debate, welcome dissent, and encourage civility as we work together for the sake of the common good and of a country we are all unreservedly blessed to call our home.

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