Call Your Congressman: Tell Him to Step Away From the American Health Care Act

Call your congressman at (202) 224-3121 and tell your congressman to step away from the American Health Care Act. There is absolutely no reason for him to support it today. In fact, there is no reason for it to be voted on today. It is a terrible piece of legislation that will neither reduce the deficit nor lower health care costs in America.

The House Freedom Caucus is standing firm, exposing what a piece of crap this legislation is. But your congressman needs to hear from you.

There are three things the House of Representatives could have done and did not do.

First, the House could have sent the Senate an actual repeal bill and let the chair rule that it was in order under the Byrd rule. That was the easiest and best option and could have gotten it through.

Second, the House could have used their 2015 legislation that they all supported as the framework for the new legislation.

Third, the House could have just passed the 2015 legislation that they all voted for originally.

They could still do one of those three things. It is still possible. They do not have to pass this legislation.

Call your congressman now.

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