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Cambridge, UK School Morphs into a Co-Educational, Mental Institute Facility

Murray Edwards College, in Cambridge, UK, has mutated from an all-women’s institution of higher education to a co-educational institution catering to the mentally ill. Males who are experiencing gender dysphoria, also called gender identity disorder, will be permitted at the previously identified all-women’s institute. The illogical stance is these males “identify” as women, and as college president Barbara Stocking provided in a statement,

“We are a college that is open to all outstanding young women, and so it is absolutely right, both legally and within our set of values, for anyone who identifies as female to be able to apply to study with us.”

Maybe this is an experiment for the psychology majors? Considering Administrator Juliet Foster indicates that each application will be considered on a case-by-case basis: Meaning the definition, or level, of female will be determined by whom? The college board? The psychology department? Psychiatrists?

This will result in admission of males who need psychological and psychiatric help. Males who are sexually and psychologically confused, OR…..males who are deliberately lying and are sexual predators. Will these males decide to be “lesbian”? What will the college do when rape occurs involving one of these disturbed males? It will occur; be prepared.

Plus, what will the college do for foreign students? There are many countries throughout the world that prefer their women attend all-women’s colleges. This is valid and desirable to provide them the freedom to be real women, and yes, protected, yet not isolated.  All-women colleges are not absent of males, nor of “real life”; solely a place to learn and grow with the same sex and gender (female by XX, not male by XY). I wonder what the biology professors will teach??

I attended an all-women’s college, Cedar Crest College (CCC). We have many one-ups on all the Cambridge, UK supposed dedication to women’s education. First, this month, October 2017, we are celebrating 150 years of existence, continuing our awesome, superior, all-women’s tradition of liberal arts education whilst developing skills to handle males, life, love, career, children, and even laundry 🙂 Oh yes, we are real women. The co-educational, mental institution in Cambridge is a baby relative in need of help, and we can provide our expertise in these matters.

At CCC, males can attend classes, and in my graduating class, there were two males who acquired CCC degrees; however, CCC was, and is, strict regarding on-campus housing and visits. As it should be. Oh, I remember the times where I had to “log in” my fiancé to the “men’s room” where he had to sleep, and every time the bathroom was needed, I had to yell “Man in the bathroom” or some such statement. There was RESPECT, and this continues, empowering women to love their men, while acquiring the skills and education to help their future (or current) families. Colleges and universities in the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania area, have reciprocating agreements to take courses at any of the schools. A bonus, since a woman at CCC can take engineering courses at Lehigh University, and males can take an arts or a forensic science course at CCC.   See??   We do interact with males!

As of October 4, 2017, Lucy Cavendish College personnel are now re-examining their admissions process to become co-educational with mentally challenged males. Unfortunate to those women students, and I recommend a transfer to another academic institution without such lunacy.

Overall, Dr. Joanna Williams stated this situation well:

“….the decision to admit male students and become co-educational should be taken by the current women students, academics, leaders, patrons and alumni. If these people decide, for whatever reason, that they wish to keep their college as a place for women to flourish and associate away from men, then they should have every right to do so.”

I, strongly, recommend removing Murray Edwards College, and Lucy Cavendish College, and the like,  from a woman’s list of choices if she desires an education worthy of a fruitful career and life.

I, highly, recommend Cedar Crest College. Let’s pray CCC doesn’t mutate itself to harboring disturbed (or lying) males to satisfy an illogical and dangerous mindset.

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