Camile Paglia’s Diatribe Decimates Democratic Leaders

Ms. Camile Paglia is a noted academician, author and critic. She is also a long-time thought leader in the U.S. feminism movement. More of a liberatian than progressive, Ms. Paglia received a great deal of press over the last 18 months by endorsing Bernie Sanders over Hilary Clinton, and over the years has been very rough on Ms. Clinton: (Reason TV)

“I enjoy anti-Hilary jibes, I think thats an art form. I see all her games and falsehoods. She’s a fraud OK? She can’t have an opinion without poll testing it. She’s a liar. This is not a strong candidate for our first woman president.”

To be fair, she has been critical of the Mrs. Clinton for some time. She wrote the cover story for The New Republic in 1997 entitled “Ice Queen, Drag Queen” in which she skewered the First Lady: (The New Republic)

These twscenes, so different on the surface, contain the key to one of the most fascinating yet baffling personalities of our time. Ice queen, drag queen: the Great White Feminist Hope is a far more conflicted and self-destructive creature tban either her admirers or revilers understand. This coldness is the brittle brilliance of Hillary’s calculating, analytic mind, which at its most legalistihas a haughty, daunting impersonality. It is also the genderlessness of a precocious firstborn child whmodeled herself on her crustily independent father and who fought long, quiet war of stubborn resistance against hypercritical, puritanical mother. Hillary had to learn how to be a woman; it did not come easily or naturally.

It’s fair to say Ms. Paglia has been intellectually honest about her party in the past, so her current thoughts about the state of the Democratic Party should come as no surprise: (Washington Times)

Democrats are widening an unnecessary political chasm with voters. In an abject failure of leadership that may be one of the most disgraceful episodes in the history of the modern Democratic party, Chuck Schumer, who has risen to become the Senate Democratic leader after the retirement of Harry Reid, asserted absolutely no moral authority as the party spun out of control in a nationwide orgy of rage and spite. Nor were there statesmanlike words of caution and restraint from two seasoned politicians whom I have admired for decades and believe should have run for president long ago — Senator Dianne Feinstein and Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi.” (Emphasis added)

You simply have to admire someone who can wordsmith ‘Democratic Party’ and ‘orgy’ into a coherent sentence, with Bill Clinton not being the reference point. Well done Camille! After that roasting, one might think she was just warming up to go after President Trump. Not so, and to me, her remarks about Mr. Trump truly represent the model of intellectual honesty: (Washington Times)

“President Trump can be accused of fanning the flames of opposition, but in general he seems to be methodically trying to fulfill his campaign promises. There seems to be a huge conceptual gap between Trump and his most implacable critics on the left,” she said. “Many highly educated, upper-middle-class Democrats regard themselves as exemplars of ‘compassion and yet they routinely assail Trump voters as ignorant, callous hate-mongers. These elite Democrats occupy an amorphous meta-realm of subjective emotion, theoretical abstractions, and refined language,” she said. “But Trump is by trade a builder who deals in the tangible, obdurate, objective world of physical materials, geometry, and construction projects, where communication often reverts to the brusque, coarse, high-impact level of pre-modern working-class life, whose daily focus was the barnyard. It’s no accident that bourgeois Victorians of the industrial era tried to purge ‘barnyard language’ out of English.”

Ms. Paglia also asks the question which should be foremost in the minds of Sen. Schumer and Rep. Pelosi: (Washington Times)

“How do Democrats imagine they can ever expand their electoral support if they go on and on in this self-destructive way, impugning half the nation as vile racists and homophobes?” (Emphasis added)

Want a stone cold lock? Bet on her solution being completely ignored: (Washington Times)

“Democrats need to get off their high horse if they plan to retake the White House in 2020.”

Most conservatives stand opposed to almost everything Ms. Camille Paglia represents and advocates in both her politics and social values. But it is highly refreshing to see someone on the left express dissent intelligently, without vitriol and bile. It would be equally refreshing to see anti-Trump republicans as intellectually honest as Ms. Paglia.

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