Can I Have a Testifying?

Today, your humble correspondent will be testifying before the Georgia Senate at 2:30pm. I helped write a law that would require voters to show photo identification when they show up to vote. Currently, in Georgia, voters can show utility bills or bank statements, say they are who the document says they are, and vote — whether or not they are actually the person whose name is no the utility bill.

I think this will help cut out some possible fraud and am honored that they asked me to help write the law and testify about it.

[UPDATE] So, I head up to Atlanta and get a phone call that the hearing is cancelled because of business on the floor of the Senate. I head home for a bite to eat. I get a call to head on up there. I do. I get a call that it’s been cancelled. I head home. I sit by the phone. Finally I get a call that the meeting has to be rescheduled. Thank God I’ve got an exchange server set up with my office so I didn’t lose too many billable hours.

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