Can They Tame Trump?

Now that the primary season is officially over, the GOP narrative must now be “what Civil War?” Of course, there’s no war here. Kumbaya, bro.

But unity is really going to be a bitch.

In order to raise the billion or so dollars to compete with Hillary Clinton, Trump will have to be tamed. However, it’s not entirely clear that’s possible.

A series of nasty lover’s spats or even breakups have started blossoming like teenage acne across the Trumposphere. The latest is Joe Scarborough, who used to be MSNBC’s in-house Trumpeteer.

I’m so glad that Morning Joe outperforms every network but the one whose ratings are higher than all the rest combined. It must be depressing fighting over last place. Cheer up, Joe. If you say enough nice things about Donald, he may come around again.

Billionaire and “Shark Tank” guy Mark Cuban believes Trump will have to tone it down or face the desert of underfunding. He laid it out in a Twitter rant.

And just possibly, the RNC has put the Trump campaign (such as it is) on double secret probation. Even Newt Gingrich fired a shot across the bow at Trump’s latest over-the-top conversation starter.

(Did you notice that Trump always starts his conversations with racist bluster, you know, to break the ice before making his real point? That’s because his real point isn’t so compelling without the comparative–like the college girl who calls home to tell Mom and Dad she’s pregnant and marrying the biker father, then takes it back to say she got a D in biology.)

Where was I? Yes, Newt.

Former House Speaker and Trump supporter Newt Gingrich called the billionaire businessman an “absurd amateur” on Wednesday, and repeated his criticisms of Trump’s attacks on a Mexican-American judge over his heritage. Trump “made a really stupid mistake last week, and it took him about three days to learn,” Gingrich said at the BIO International Convention in San Francisco. Gingrich is thought to be on Trump’s VP shortlist.

Of course, Gingrich walked it right back, but the shot was made nonetheless.

Because Trump is learning, like a four-year-old learns about hot stoves and sharp knives, so let’s give him a loaded gun.

There’s even some speculation about an “undercurrent” that could open things up a bit in Cleveland should Trump revert to his normal mode of idiocy.

That would be a fever dream for #NeverTrump-ers like Steve Deace, who has called for delegates to unbind themselves. Sen. Jeff Flake added his own pepper, remarking “Where there’s no talk of a convention challenge or anything else, this might spur it.”

I can’t see Chairman Reince Priebus allowing that kind of party-destroying shenanigans at the convention, so we’ll just have to dream on.

From here to November, it’s unity all the way, forced down the GOP’s collective throats. Trump is not going to change, and he’ll probably get the donors to fund him regardless. Newt’s half right: Trump is teaching how to scam a nation, and the GOP are the amateurs.

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