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Can We Raise $30,000?

One of the early decisions I made at The Resurgent was to try to avoid the pop up ads and ad crap that pollutes right of center sites. I don’t need to make a mint off the site. But I’m also hoping that readers might step in and help us deploy some of the seriously awesome bells and whistles. If your company or campaign wants to sponsor a week, please go here for details.

I’m launching a new activism portal next week. I am hoping to raise $30,000.00 to help offset the costs. To be clear, it is getting deployed one way or the other, I feel so strongly that it is needed. But every penny that can be offset by a contribution, is a penny that can go to other day to day resources on the site.

I gave up my RedState income and am not getting a salary here. I want to use as much of the income generated by this site as possible to grow a conservative community. But the activism package is expensive and could use your help. I really do want to help build resurgent conservative activist communities across the country. With your help I can do it.

The activism technology I’m deploying next week is really, really cool and is going to let conservatives around the country connect to their local, state, and federal elected representatives and others. I cannot wait to show it to you.

If you are willing to help The Resurgent deploy this technology, you can contribute on the secure form below or go here:

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