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Canada Exports Racism: ‘Superhumxns Can Wipe Out Sub-Humxns’

I wonder where the Canadian Human Rights Commission is on this hate speech found in a Facebook post by the Toronto Sun?

Yusra Khogali is a co-founder of Black Lives Matter Toronto. In her opinion, only black lives matter, as in white lives are “sub-humxn.” She uses the deliberate misspelling “humxn” to avoid writing the unmentionable word “man,” which apparently is also sub-womyn in her opinion.

“Whiteness is not humxness,” Khogali began. From there, she laid out a racist screed worthy of any KKK member, 1910-era Afrikaner diamond mine-owner, or ardent Nazi. She simply reverses the chemical melanin relationship of the first millimeter of epidermis to all the other traits in the human body.

“Black ppl through their dominant genes can literally wipe out the white race if we had the power to,” she wrote.

The Sun contacted the author of a “leading text in the field” of eugenics, Daniel Kevles, a professor at Yale.

“The anger and frustration that animates the Black Lives Matter movement is altogether understandable, but the way to contest pseudo-science and white prejudice is not with an alternative pseudo-science and black prejudice,” notes Kevles. “It is with moral argument and political action.”

So white racism is not understandable, but black racism is…is that what Kevles is saying? Because that sounds kind of…racist.

We can acknowledge that certain physical traits beyond skin color are more often seen in African-Americans (or Canadians). For example, 70 percent of NFL players are black. But less than 6 percent of offensive coordinators, quarterbacks coaches and offensive quality control coaches are black. 71 percent of defensive coordinators are white. Does that make the NFL racist? (Many people think it does.)

But 30 NFL players hail from a tiny island of 65,000 residents, smack in the middle of the South Pacific. American Samoa is “Football Island.” Samoans are not white; they’re not black; but they are darn good at football. Is that racist?

Let’s not even talk about the NBA. The NHL is overwhelmingly white, and Canadian. So I guess hockey is “sub-humxn.”

Finally, Jews have won 22 percent of all individual Nobel Prizes, including a stunning 38 percent in Economics, 26 percent in Physics, and 26 percent in Physiology and Medicine. Yet the KKK, the Nazis, and Khogali all think Jews are sub-human.

Khogali has obviously gone over the Horseshoe Falls (the Canadian side). She’s too unhinged to be even considered wrong. But of course, like Professor Kevles, we must understand that her racism is rooted in anger and frustration, not some harebrained belief that black people’s skin color makes them “super-humxn.”

To any country whose leader is meeting the American president in the White House, this would be an embarrassment.

Read the whole post below, if you can stomach it.


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