Candidly, Here is Where The Resurgent is Four Days After Launch

Starting a new website is a daunting one and, frankly, there has always been a nagging fear in my mind that if I walked away from RedState no one would even wonder what happened. In fact, I remember a few years ago I was thinking of doing so and my boss stared me in the eyes and said bluntly that no one would care. They were reading RedState, not me.

I didn’t think it was true, but there has always been that concern, that nagging whisper into self-confidence and doubt.

But I finally went for it anyway. It was time to own every pixel and, frankly, it gives me a runway to experiment with integrating radio and internet before my radio career goes to the next stage. So where are we at?

Well, the sponsorship model is thus far working. People like it. I’m continuing to get requests. We still have a couple of weeks available in February, Madison Project got us going right, and I’m already getting requests to do sponsorships from some pretty cool groups.

I knew traffic would not be great the first week. Some of my friends thought we’d be getting overrun on day one, but I tried to be realistic. Here’s where we are.

Day One: Traffic was just over 40,000 hits.

Day Two: Traffic was just over 55,000 hits.

Day Three: Traffic was just over 62,000 hits.

Day Four, today: Traffic is already approaching 50,000 hits and it is just now eleven in the morning.

On the email list, which helps drive traffic, it has grown by about 115 people a day every day this week.

The listenership to my radio show has spiked online. The daily Soundcloud file up top is getting a high volume of traffic. Breaking out individual monologues and running shorter clips does even better. We’ve exceeded 20,000 listens every day and, like traffic to the site, those are going up too.

Ted Cruz drives traffic. Mention Cruz and traffic goes up. In fact, stories about Cruz drive more traffic than any other candidate, including Donald Trump.

I have done little advertising. One thing I have noticed is that Twitter is a terrible return on investment for advertising. It really just is not good.

Twitter drives traffic to the site, but twitter ads do nothing.

Facebook, on the other hand, does wonders. While Twitter drives more traffic per post, Facebook ads are totally worth it from a brand building perspective. Facebook also drives traffic back longer than Twitter. There is a clear fade out from Twitter, while Facebook steady brings traffic over.

This is a fascinating endeavor. The first two days I felt like I had bit off more than I could chew. The one thing I decided I needed to do was bring on some friends to help write, because it is daunting to write so much every day, particularly with so many other irons in the fire.

But this is fun and new and different.

We’ll see where it goes from here.

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