Carol of the Bells

When Evelyn was an infant we noticed she had a thing for music. In particular, whenever she heard “Carol of the Bells” she froze in her tracks, regardless of what she was doing, and spontaneously would start shaking. The shaking became dancing. The dancing became laughing. It was like clock work.

Even now at age 3, she does the same thing with “Carol of the Bells.”

When she was two, I captured it on camera. It is something to behold. She’s digging through stuff in our bedroom and then hears the music. The dancing takes over.

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  • Ummm i guess the next time I come visit I will have to bring a recording of me playing tit in band or play it on the piano for her.


  • What a wonderful memory to have recorded! Perhaps that carol may sound as the angels in heaven singing; the voices are beautiful. “I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day” is one of my favorite Christmas hymns, but the “Carol of the Bells” is my most favorite carol. Must run in the family. I think the only bells mentioned in the Bible are those sewn onto the hem of the High Priest’s robe in Exodus, but also in Zechariah 14:20, when words are to be inscribed on the bells worn by horses on the day the Lord comes; the words: “Holy to the Lord.”