Sean Hannity of Fox News arrives on stage to speak with Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus during the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), Friday, March 4, 2016, in National Harbor, Md. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

Cars.Com and USAA Are Easily Pressured

I have avoided the Seth Rich story as I never bought into the conspiracy. It seems you would have to believe the Democratic Party has been working with the Trump run intelligence community and DC police to cover up the murder of an employee and, for once, was able to hide the email trail in order to believe it. It seemed to me, and I think is, another random tragedy in a place with many random tragedies.

My friend Sean Hannity disagreed and thought there was something there. He pursued it for several days on his television and radio show before dropping it.

Regardless, Hannity has been on television and radio for more than a decade. He has a substantial body of work in both. And all of us on the right should be troubled that the left was easily able to badger USAA and to drop Hannity over a few days of television and radio. They did not just pull their advertising while Sean Hannity continued to engage the Seth Rich story, but they pulled their advertising altogether.

What is happening should trouble you whether you agree with Hannity or not if you are right-of-center. This effort by the left is only escalating. They are able to force censorship of conservative ideas by starving those ideas of advertising dollars through harassment. They have tried it with Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and now Hannity.

I think the O’Reilly example is an exception because it was behavioral, not show content, that led advertisers to drop him. In the other cases, leftwing ideologues badgered advertisers to leave conservative programming over content. While it is certainly the advertiser’s right to advertise where they want, it is troubling that USAA and could so easily be pushed away.

Here at The Resurgent, we saw this first hand last year with Trump supporters. For a while we used a sponsorship model with just a sole advertiser per week. We had to abandon the effort after organized attacks against our sponsors by Trump supporters. What made it somewhat easy for them in those cases were that it was center-right groups being harassed by purportedly center-right voters. We had to change our revenue model and now have to ask for reader donations more than we had intended.

With USAA and, the situation is more striking. They are not center-right organizations being harassed by center-right voters. They are companies that make themselves available to everyone, but are directing their ad dollars based on the whims of leftwing activists. That becomes dangerous to all of us on the right over time. Each success will further embolden them.

It is worth conservatives making it clear to groups at USAA and that if they are not willing to advertise to conservatives, we are not willing to use their services. If conservatives are not vocal about these incidents, we will soon find ourselves without a voice altogether.

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