Chad Connelly For Congress

There is a special election in South Carolina for OMB Director Mick Mulvaney’s congressional seat. A lot of good candidates are running, but I think the best candidate is Chad Connelly. Chad is the former chairman of the South Carolina GOP and really helped revitalize and grow the party in that state. I know Chad and his faith commitment, which I know he values. I also know his willingness to stand up to his own party in the name of accountability and keeping promises.

Mick Mulvaney was a fighter for small government and, were he still in the House, I have no doubt that he would be opposed to Swampcare. I know Chad Connelly is no fan of the legislation either and is very committed to reining in Washington and draining the swamp.

If you want to get involved in a special election and keep Mick Mulvaney’s seat in the hands of a solid conservative, you can do no better than supporting Chad Connelly. He will not waiver and will not go wobbly when fighting for smaller government, the faith community, and individual responsibility.

You can find out more about Chad at his website.

You can donate to Chad here.

Ted Cruz Endorses Mike Crane in Georgia’s Third Congressional District

This is a hotly contested runoff in Georgia. Mike Crane is the conservative in the race. I’m supporting him and he also has the Club for Growth and others supporting him. He is running against an establishment squish who the entirety of the establishment world is vomiting over about how awesome the opponent it. It is because Mike Crane’s opponent will just be a yes man.

Mike Crane is a solid conservative who has stood up to his own side on issues of taxes, religious liberty, and even whether police should have the right to knock in your front door without a warrant. He is getting attacked for saying they should not be allowed to do that.

Ted Cruz is throwing his support behind Mike Crane, recognizing Mike as the only conservative left standing in the race.

“We need conservative fighters like Mike Crane in the House of Representatives,” said Cruz. “As a small business owner, Mike has seen firsthand the heavy burden of government red tape and regulation. And in Congress, I know Mike will stand up to the career politicians in Washington because that is exactly what he has done in Georgia. Today, I’m proud to join thousands of Peach State conservatives in supporting Mike to represent Georgia’s Third Congressional District, and I look forward to fighting alongside him for jobs, freedom, and security for Georgians and all Americans.”

Good for Crane. I hope you too will support Mike.

Darryl Glenn for Colorado

If conservatives wonder who they should support in Colorado’s Republican Senate primary, they should stop wondering and support Darryl Glenn. The choice in this primary could not be clearer. Of the two major candidates in the Republican primary, Darryl Glenn has opposed consideration of Judge Garland for the Supreme Court and Jack Graham wants to give Judge Garland a hearing.

Had Judge Garland been on the Supreme Court today, Barack Obama would have been given permission to abuse his Presidential authority to enact executive amnesty. Not only that, but Jack Graham is terrible on the second amendment and life issues.

These issues are at the forefront of the national debate right now and Graham would not be with us. He would be weak and cave.

Darryl Glenn, on the other hand, is a rock solid conservative. He will oppose liberal judges. He will not cave on the second amendment. He will not falter on the issue of life.

It is not a surprise then that much of the Washington Republican establishment is rooting against Darryl Glenn and backing his liberal rival, Graham. Washington lobbyists hate Darryl Glenn because they fear he might cut short their gravy train. They are attacking him for daring to be a principled conservative.

Darryl Glenn is a principled conservative and we should absolutely support him. The race is very tight in Colorado and every conservative can make a difference. Give what you can, pray as you can, and if you live in Colorado you need to vote for Darryl Glenn for the United States Senate.

Support Josh Hawley for Attorney General in Missouri

We are seeing more and more that the attorneys general of the fifty states matter. In North Carolina, for example, the attorney general has declined to defend the state in a lawsuit over its repeal of Charlotte, NC’s bathroom ordinance. The attorney general is declining to do his primary job because he is running for governor and wants liberal support.

The attorney general is a more and more important position and conservatives need to get good ones elected. In Missouri, there is a crowded field for the job, but only one solid conservative. I hope you will consider supporting Josh Hawley for Attorney General.

Josh has defended people of faith and believes in the defense of religious liberty. He strongly supports the second amendment and is pro-life. We need people like Josh Hawley to fill attorneys general roles around the country.

I hope you will consider supporting him. You can donate here.

Josh’s primary opponent is the chairman of the Missouri Senate Appropriations Committee, Kurt Schaefer. He has used his position to try to put pressure on Josh Hawley to stay out of the race. That did not work. Likewise, Schaefer has a very close relationship with organized labor and was endorsed by the AFL-CIO in 2012. He actively opposed right to work legislation.

Josh, on the other hand, supports right to work. He does not just say he is pro-life, he has actually fought for the issue. He has fought for religious liberty issues. Josh is a responsible, unapologetic conservative. The attorney general of a given state is a highly influential position. We need a solid conservative in that position in Missouri and Josh Hawley is the only one who fits the criteria.

Jim Banks for Congress

I supported Marlin Stutzman in Indiana’s 3rd Congressional District when Marlin ran the first time. He won and is moving up to the Indiana Senate race. That leaves the 3rd district vacant and I hope you will join me in supporting Jim Banks for Congress.

Jim currently chairs the Veterans Committee in the Indiana State Senate and is very familiar with the federal government’s treatment of our veterans. More importantly, Jim is a solid fiscal conservative and the Club For Growth has thrown its weight behind Jim.

Jim served in the Navy in Afghanistan, including taking a leave of absence from the Indiana State Senate and his day job to deploy. His day job is as a commercial real estate broker.

He is and wife have three daughters and I think he’ll be a good social and fiscal conservative fit in Congress. I hope you’ll join me in supporting Jim with your prayers and, if you can, your donations. Getting good people to Congress takes money and we should not be so focused on the Presidency that we lose sight of Congress and the need for good people in our federal legislative body.

Support Jim Banks today.

Jim Duncan for North Carolina’s Second Congressional District

It would not be a site run by me without a willingness to support good candidates within Republican Primaries. I am delighted to make the first endorsement at The Resurgent be of Jim Duncan for North Carolina’s Second Congressional District.

Jim Duncan is running against Renee Ellmers, who rode the tea party wave of 2010 to Washington only to turn her back on those who got her elected and suck up to Republican Leaders. Ellmers has a Heritage Action Score of 54% making her the lowest ranked Republican from North Carolina in the United States House of Representatives.

Ellmers has voted the wrong way on life issues, the wrong way on immigration issues, the wrong way on spending issues, the wrong way on Obamacare related issues — you name it. Renee Ellmers has never met a conservative issues she did not want to betray.

This race should be a hill to die on for conservatives. Conservatives across the nation should be willing to make an example of Renee Ellmers’ repeated betrayals and repeated broken promises.

Jim Duncan would not do that to conservatives. Jim is a self-made man who joined the National Guard. He knows small business because Jim has run one. He knows entrepreneurial issues because he is an entrepreneur. He knows how Washington impacts the daily lives of folks in North Carolina because Jim Duncan has his roots there and, unlike the incumbent, is in no hurry to climb a social ladder in Washington, D.C.

Y’all, we can win this race. Polling looks good for Jim. He has good name recognition. Voters in NC-2 are more and more aware of all the ways Renee Ellmers has stabbed them in the back.

Jim Duncan is everything Renee Ellmers is not — a person who puts principle before ambition and promises before party leader demands.

I’m proud to make Jim Duncan the first endorsement for The Resurgent. Donate to Jim Duncan today. Let’s get him to Congress.

Members of Congress Should Support Marlin Stutzman

The leadership shake up in the wake of Eric Cantor’s defeat is maddening. Raul Labrador looks to be more of a protest vote than a serious challenge.

In the whip spot to replace McCarthy there are three candidates: Scalise, Peter Roskam, and Marlin Stutzman.

Roskam is pretty terrible. He has a 52% on Heritage’s scorecard. He’s not trusted by conservatives. And he is terrible on spending issues among others. The guy is just awful.

But a number of conservatives are supporting Roskam because Steve Scalise worked tireless behind the scenes to marginalize conservatives. Scalise may have an 81% Heritage Action scorecard, but he has turned the once much heralded Republican Study Committee into a toady group for House leadership. I’ve had myself unsubscribed from the RSC email list and want nothing to do with them as long as Scalise is there.

As Jonathan Strong reported, “In interviews with four aides who worked for Scalise while he helmed the study group, the staffers, who spoke under the condition of anonymity to avoid retaliation, described being actively prevented from working towards the RSC’s traditional goal of moving the GOP conference and its leadership to the right.”

I have seen first hand Scalise ruin the RSC. The only saving grace of putting him in the whip position is getting him promptly out of the RSC. But then he’d just systematically ruin everything else.

The best scenario would be to put Marlin Stutzman in the Whip’s position. Stutzman, an Indiana congress RedState has long supported, has an 84% Heritage Action score, which is the highest in the Indiana delegation.

Stutzman has been solid in public and behind the scenes. Conservatives should be rallying to him to be whip. If we have to suffer through the insufferable Kevin McCarthy as leader, at least having Stutzman in leadership will make it taste more like a B+ than the sort of sandwich it actually is.

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