Not Everything is Political With Paul Ryan

I have had an idea for a TV show for a while. It’d involve me bringing in a politician to cook a meal, have a drink, and discuss life. The whole point is that in our increasingly divisive political climate, I still believe people who may disagree with each other should be able to break bread and enjoy each other’s company. Now, I have yet to sell Roger Ailes on the idea, but I did decide to take the concept to radio and podcast form. Each Thursday, I’m going to start bringing you a new episode of “Not Everything Is Political.” The first episode is with Speaker Paul Ryan.

We have a politics free conversation about fly fishing, hunting, how the death of his dad affects how he raises his family, and also a few tidbits on Dubai, cheap beer, and the Simpsons.

You can listen to the Soundcloud file embedded below or check it out in iTunes each Thursday.

Listen to a Panel of Undecided Voters

You can listen to my conversation with 35 undecided Republican voters here. One note — I kinda forgot it was on radio so for the first 15 minutes did a terrible job of explaining the hand raises. I promise I improved.

Learn About C.S. Lewis

Hillsdale College is offering an online course to my radio listeners and readers about C.S. Lewis.

C.S. Lewis was one of the greatest Christian defenders of our time, producing timeless works such as the Chronicles of Narnia, The Abolition of Man and Mere Christianity. Hillsdale College’s free inspiring online course will reveal how Lewis’s apologetics, fiction, philosophical and literary writings are all significant to your life today.

Register right away for this fabulous course at As always, once you register you can watch the lectures any time you want. But you MUST register this week, because the offer ends on Friday.

Each video lecture is on demand, and is less than 45 minutes long, but can impact you for a lifetime. Hillsdale College enriches our nation with free courses available to everyone; courses on the Constitution, Churchill, World History, and Great Literature. I don’t know of any other college who does so much for America.

Learn from CS Lewis with your family, small group, or just to improve your life. Register today at

Another Leap of Faith

I’ve been wanting to tell you this for a while.

So many of you have asked for a while now why I was building up my radio email list when I already have RedState.

Well, back in June I decided it was time to leave RedState. I announced it on the front page of the RedState earlier today.

Truth be told, I thought I had another month to tell all of you. But someone leaked an internal memo to the press and I figure I might as well fess up now. Yes, I am leaving RedState to focus on this radio show of mine. The show continues to grow in audience and is very clearly my future (until Fox gives me my cooking show on the weekends).

I’ll stay on the payroll at RedState till the end of the year and then if you want my daily news, this website and my daily radio email are all you’ll get — well, this and my radio show.

So, while I am not out of RedState yet, will become more and more my home. I’ll also have my weekly syndicated column, Fox appearances, fill in opportunities for Rush, etc.

In the meantime, this is really a leap of faith for me. I believe I’ll be able to get my radio site off the ground and earn from it the income I’ll be giving up from RedState. I obviously do not relish giving up income with a wife and kids to take care of. But I also know I cannot keep dividing my time between the radio website my radio masters want me to have and my job at RedState.

So here goes a leap of faith and your prayers are greatly appreciated. Please also bookmark, which I hope to relaunch more formally in January. And if you’re feeling generous and want to help that endeavor, go here.

Ted Cruz Explains the Republican Disconnect

Senator Ted Cruz, the other night, took to the floor of the United States Senate and explained the disconnect between Republican leaders in Washington and the base of the party. He also happens to be right.

Cruz explained why the GOP will not fight against Obamacare, immigration, abortion, gay marriage, or a variety of other issues. It all has to do with the GOP donor class. The leaders of the party have become dependent on well connected and funded donors who write large checks and are socially liberal. These donors do not relate to main street or the middle class because they are so far removed from both. Consequently, while the base of the party remains socially conservative, the leaders of the party cannot fight for those issues without alienating their check writers.

It is, in short, all about the money.

John Boehner’s False Prophets

John Boehner accuses conservatives of being false prophets when, in fact, all they did was point out his lies and exposed him as a huckster. Boehner promised to fight Barack Obama, defund Obamacare, and stop amnesty. Instead, he enabled Obama, gave him a blank check, and was too scared to ever fight.

Tonight, I really enjoyed doing this monologue. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed saying it.