Bake This Particular Cake, Bigot

The American media would have you believe there is a concerted effort among Christians in America to discriminate against gay Americans. “No gays allowed,” they claim small Christian business owners are saying. It is a fiction created to avoid dealing with the facts. The fact is I am unaware of any Christian business that refuses to serve gay customers, but I am aware of many gay activists targeting Christian small businesses for persecution.

The latest issue is also the one where the left has most dramatically overplayed its hand. Jack Phillips, a baker in Denver, CO, has been compared to a Nazi participating in the Holocaust. A member of Colorado’s Civil Rights Commission said that. What crime did Phillips commit? He dared to offer a cake to a gay couple for their same-sex wedding.

You may need to read that last sentence again. Phillips is both a committed Christian and a renown artist. His cakes are elaborate creations. Phillips was willing to provide a cake for the same-sex wedding, but Phillips was not willing to provide his extra artistic talents for the particulars that the couple wanted. They could have the wedding cake, but he was not going to customize it the way they wanted it. For that, Phillips had to be prosecuted.

Before going further, it would be helpful for you to know just how committed a Christian Phillips is. He will gladly bake a cake for a gay person, but he will not bake a cake for a Christian who wants a Halloween themed cake. Phillips believes Halloween is a pagan holiday that dishonors God, so he will not lend his artistry to its celebration. He will not bake cakes for anyone’s second wedding, even if a church is willing to do the wedding. Divorce is a sin. Phillips will not bake cakes celebrating other religions’ religious holidays.

But Phillips was willing to bake a cake for the gay couple for their wedding. Still, he must be prosecuted because he would not customize it the way they wanted. For that, he must be shamed, boycotted, and compared to a Nazi. His case is now before the Supreme Court. He goes in the company of Baronelle Stutzman. She regularly provided flowers to a gay couple in Washington. She had a long list of gay customers that she lovingly served. But Stutzman would not provide flowers for same-sex wedding of her long time customers. The couple did not file charges against Stutzman. They were, after all, friends and long time customers. But the State of Washington pursued her anyway.

Stutzman was found guilty of discrimination by the Washington State Supreme Court and risks losing her home, her business, and even her dog because of the judgment unless His Majesty Anthony Kennedy, the supreme ruler of the United States, deigns to carve out some small exception for Christians in private enterprise.

It really all comes down to Anthony Kennedy, who decided the Supreme Court had the power to change the multi-thousand year old definition of marriage, despite the government not having created it. Now Kennedy will tell us whether the First Amendment’s “free exercise of religion” language means we can actually freely exercise our religion or only believe it without living it.

What the Christians before the United States Supreme Court want is not a ruling that says they can discriminate against gays and turn away a gay couple from their business. All they want is a ruling that says their artistic talents are speech and their speech cannot be compelled to endorse a religious ceremony they disagree with.

The compromise here should be obvious. Just as we should abhor the idea of forcing a black printer to print the fliers for a Klan rally or forcing the muslim butcher to carve a pig for a church barbecue, we should not force the Christian to provide goods and services to a religious ceremony their religion decries as sin. You may disagree, but who are you to tell someone else how to live his faith? Anthony Kennedy, though, is our supreme ruler and he will tell us all.

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Former Aussie PM Takes a Headbutt, Presumably Over His Views on Traditional Marriage

It looks like the Crocodile Dundee stereotype of Australians as rough-around-the-edges in all things has a grain of truth, even when it comes to the debate over same-sex marriage in the country. The run-up to the upcoming referendum on marriage appears to have become particularly unconventional and passionate.

Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott was on the receiving end of a bizarre act of violence upon leaving a dinner with proponents of traditional marriage in Tasmania. On the walk back to his hotel, Abbott received a head butt from a man claiming to want to shake the former PM’s hand. You read that right – a head butt.

“I was walking from the Mercury office across that docks area, that beautiful docks area in Hobart, towards my hotel,” Abbott said to Steve Price and Sky News host Andrew Bolt on Melbourne’s 3AW radio on Thursday.

“A fellow sung out at me ‘Hey Tony!’ I turned around, there was a chap wearing a Vote Yes badge. He says ‘I wanna shake your hand’. I went over to shake his hand and then he headbutted me,” Abbott continued. “Now he wasn’t very good at it I’ve gotta say, but he did make contact. The only damage was a very, very slightly swollen lip.”

Thankfully, his staff member “grappled with this guy” before he “ran off swearing his head off basically.”

“It was just a reminder of how ugly this debate is getting,” Abbott said.

Fortunately, Abbott only sustained a fat lip from what could’ve been a horrible assault.

Alex Greenwich, a member of Australia’s parliament and head of The Equality Campaign, condemned the attack on Twitter.

For what it’s worth, the alleged assailant, a DJ named Astro Labe (can’t make this stuff up), who is also an anarchist, claims that the headbutt had nothing to do with the marriage debate.

‘And I shook his hand and I was a little bit too drunk to actually connect particularly well.

‘Apparently he got a fat lip but he didn’t have one this morning.’

Mr Abbott told reporters he suffered minor injuries and was left shocked by the encounter.

Mr Labe said he was wearing a ‘yes’ sticker supporting the same-sex marriage campaign but the attempted headbutt was inspired by a general dislike for Mr Abbott and not one issue in particular.

Regardless of the real motivation behind the assault, the crazy incident just goes to show how out of control politics has gotten, not just here in America, but all over the world.

You’d Think Someone Got Murdered in Nashville

They called it “hatred,” “bigotry,” “mean spiritedness” and more. What these liberals are complaining about is something called “The Nashville Statement.

The Nashville Statement does not do anything new. In fact, it is quite ancient. But to the left, which has no sense of history, The Nashville Statement is a new form of bigotry and nastiness. I dare say the people screaming about The Nashville Statement will be wailing and gnashing their teeth on Judgment Day and the reaction is a reason you should sign the statement.

All the Nashville Statement does is affirm two thousand years of Christian orthodoxy. All it says are two things the New Testament scripture affirms. God made mankind male and female and homosexuality is a sin.

These are consistent, timeless, Biblical principles. They are not new, but they need to be reaffirmed today because as we are seeing, a grand number of secularists and heretics have decided to shout down, smear, and ruin any Christian who stands for Biblical orthodoxy.

This, in fact, is something you, your family, and your church need to understand. The secularists are depending on your silence on this issue. They are strategically plotting to make life difficult for anyone who embraces scripture. They will name call, they will shame, and they will destroy.

They are governed now by emotion, not God. They embrace false doctrine to feel good and claim their false doctrines are true while denouncing you for holding on to truth. You must understand this. And you must instruct your children in this. You must encourage your pastor in this. The left wants you to abandon Christian orthodoxy on sexuality. They depend chiefly upon your’s, your spouse’s, and your pastor’s silence on the issue.

That is why you must not be silent and why you should consider adding your name to The Nashville Statement.

Menstrual Equity, or What Happens When Government Officials Have Too Much Time On Their Hands

Modern America has a lot of deep and complicated issues to deal with – race, immigration, healthcare, The Bachelor.

With so much to attend to it’s hard to imagine our government officials fitting one more thing on their plate, but have no worries. Representative Grace Meng (D-NY) isn’t about to let anything slip through the cracks. New York’s 6th District representative has taken up a cause that is sure to flow through the American conscience and make us all red with rage – menstrual equality.

What is menstrual equity? In a recent interview with Marie Claire magazine Meng described it as the fight against “period-shaming” and claims the laws in our country encourage women to feel shame about their periods. Her solution is to introduce more laws to help normalize the reality of this bodily function and provide feminine hygiene products (are we allowed to refer to them as such anymore? I can’t keep up these days) for the needy, poor and imprisoned.

Did you know that there are girls who skip school when they get their periods? If they can’t afford pads or tampons and don’t want anyone to see they’ve stained their clothes, they may feel like they have no choice. That’s not just something that happens in developing countries. It happens right here in the United States. Right in my home district of Queens, New York.

At her website, Meng says her bill would:

  1. Allow individuals to buy menstrual hygiene products with money they contribute to their flexible spending accounts.
  2. Provide a refundable tax credit to low-income individuals who regularly use menstrual hygiene products.
  3. Allow grant funds from the Emergency Food and Shelter Grant Program, which can be used by homeless assistance providers for essential household items, to be used for menstrual hygiene products.
  4. Require each state to provide menstrual hygiene products to female inmates and detainees, at no cost and on demand, as a condition of receiving funds from the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant Program.
  5. Direct the Secretary of Labor to require employers with 100 or more employees to provide menstrual hygiene products to their employees free of charge.

Meng’s concern here isn’t all that misplaced and as ridiculous as a “Menstrual Equity Act” sounds (and it does sound utterly ridiculous to say out loud), part of the congresswoman’s concern about inequity in feminine care is founded. Her home state of New York levies a tax on tampons and sanitary pads as “luxury goods” which is grossly offensive and yes, sexist. Meng decided that period equity shouldn’t stop at a tax, it should be a nationwide concern.

I appreciate the congresswoman’s concern for female hygiene and accessibility to necessary products and I definitely stand with her on removing that ridiculous tax on tampons.

Either a 9-year-old child or a dude that came up with that one because only someone who doesn’t menstruate would ever connect a period with “luxury.”

“What’s wrong with you today, honey? You’re so cranky!”

“Oh, I’m luxuriating this week. I’m on my luxury!”

The problem with this (again, oh-so-ridiculous sounding) legislation is that it’s legislation. Like most full-time politicians, Meng is proposing to solve a problem with more rules.

There is nothing new or secretive about women and periods. There is no shortage of access to feminine products in this country. Shelters, private charities, government programs and any human just looking to be generous all know how to find tampons and pads. There is no charitable program in this country that provides direct basic services for women that doesn’t deal with the realities of a woman’s menstrual cycle. All of those needs are provided for by people who understand that most women menstruate every month and thus need sanitary supplies. There is no need to legislate something people are already doing.

On top of that, Meng (like a good Democrat) is asking that taxpayers pick up the cost of periods by funding “free” hygiene products and even offering a tax credit for low-income women who purchase them every month.

So let’s see- she wants old women who don’t have periods anymore and men to pay for my tampons but only if I’m poor. If I don’t qualify for the income requirement I’m out of luck.

Age discrimination and income discrimination.

This is what happens when our representatives are full-time residents of congress. They get bored. They have nothing better to do than dream up new bills so they can have their name attached to something and get their per diems just for showing up every day.

Women have been figuring out their periods just fine for millennia without Meng and her fellow Democrats forcing everyone else to think about them constantly. Of course our periods are nothing to be ashamed of and of course we are still reluctant to talk openly about them in public. That doesn’t mean women are ashamed or shamed. Much like having a bowel movement, a period is a natural function of the body that is also a very private function for obvious reasons. We don’t need to publicly fund every private biological function.

We certainly don’t need to legislate periods.


California Law Seeks to Punish Other States For Allowing Religious Groups to Exist

The left’s ongoing war against religion has escalated to a new and absurd level. California now has a law that prohibits state funded travel to states it believes discriminate against the BLT&G community. The latest target is Kansas. Why? Well, Kansas has a law that allows religious groups to exist on college campuses. Since a Christian group would want a Christian in charge of it and an Islamic group would want a Muslim in charge of it, California has determined that would potentially discriminate against the BLT&G community.

Kansas is on the travel prohibition list because of a 2016 law that enabled college campus religious groups to require that members adhere to their religious beliefs and standards. That law was crafted partially in response to a controversy in California that occurred when a Christian student group lost recognition on California State University campuses for failure to comply with an “all comers” non-discrimination policy in 2014.

In other words, leftwing nut jobs from California will not be able to use California tax dollars to go into other states that refuse to be bigots toward religious groups. Sounds like a win-win to me, but it also shows the left will not stop until religions in America are forced to abandon adherence to their beliefs.

The Perfect Example of Media Disconnect

Pay attention to this “Muslim Ban” (it’s not a Muslim ban) issue as it is CRITICAL in helping the media understand its newfound failure to read the pulse of the public.  The public is DROWNING in liberalism from the media and its communist Hollywood allies.  I could cite examples but that would involve more effort than I’m willing to put into this.  DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!  Media people largely live in urban, Democratic areas.  They have Democrat friends.  They go to Democrat parties.  They even date other Democrats if their standards are low enough.

Anyway, back to the drowning.  Trump won his election and nobody saw it coming.  Why didn’t the pollsters see it coming?  Because people lie to the pollsters.  They lie because every time they turn on the TV they’re told how stupid and racist and backwards their opinions are.  CONSTANTLY beating people down for their beliefs won’t change their beliefs but it WILL make them less inclined to be honest about them.

EXAMPLE: Pets suck.  They smell, provide no conversation, and generally are a gigantic money-drain.  I regularly lie about my feelings about them though.  Why do I do this?  Because I’m at important corporate events and I don’t want bosses and coworkers to think I’m a monster.

Which brings us to the refugee ban.  The media (and Hollywood) is in full virtue-signal meltdown mode.  You can’t turn on the news without seeing a sick or dying refugee child.  They’re even getting some help from the #ALWAYSMARCO/EVANMCMULLIN people.

The. Public. Does. Not. Agree. With. You.

They will NEVER be honest about it but the vast majority of Americans would tell you that they think we should halt Muslim immigration until Islam is able to root out its radicals.

So shame the public.  Tell them how stupid and racist Trump is.  Make sure you tell everyone “THAT’S NOT WHO WE ARE!”  That’s fine.  Just don’t take the following silence from the public as them accepting what you believe.  They just figure it’s better to be silent.


What’s Happening to Kim Burrell Is a Reminder For Christian Boldness

You will be made to care. The left demands that Christians give up tenets of their faith and important parts of the Gospel. In particular, the left demands that all calls for repentance be silenced if those calls reflect on the specific nature of sin.

Kim Burrell is a gospel singer who is the latest target of the left in their war to make us care. She gave a sermon at Love and Liberty Fellowship Church International in which she called for repentance and specifically mentioned homosexuality.

She was blunt, but her message was one of repentance.

There is no evidence that Kim Burrell has ever discriminated against anyone because of their sexual orientation. There’s no evidence that Kim Burrell has told homosexuals she does not love them or they are going to hell. In fact, she never has. But that hasn’t stopped leftwing activists from trying to drive her from Ellen Degeneres’s show.

Burrell, in a video message on Facebook, said

I never said that all gays are going to hell…I was addressing church people, and let’s get even more specific–ones who were in my church. My church where I pastor…I never said God was killing a gay in 2017. I said people who operate with that spirit in the church, with deception, and attack themselves are going to have to face the master. That’s what I said–and that death is attached to their behavior

The hostility the left has whenever any Christian speaks up on these issues is a reminder that Christians must continue to be bold and willing to share the full gospel, including the call for repentance. And, just as with what happened with Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty spoke out, there are going to be some Christians who attack Burrell for how she said what she said. They’ll claim she did more harm than good. What they really are suggesting is that Christians avoid this fight lest we not be liked.

We cannot avoid the fight, though. There are souls that need saving. We should do it lovingly, but also be prepared for a world that increasingly thinks we cannot love a sinner if we do not love their sin.

Stop Bigotry Against Christians in America. Demand Federal Religious Liberty Legislation.

Yesterday, Kate Aurthur at BuzzFeed maliciously targeted Chip and Joanna Gaines because they are Bible believing Christians. Aurthur’s article at BuzzFeed attempted to harm them and their television success because the church they attend supports real marriage, which BuzzFeed’s editorial policy decries as bigotry.

We are going to see this more and more nationally. TAKE ACTION

Over the past several years, the gay mafia has specifically targeted Christian small businesses for harassment. Christian florists, bakers, photographers, t-shirt printers, pizza restauranteurs etc. have seen gay activists come into their businesses, made demands they gay activists knew would put these Christians in conflict with their religious beliefs, then turned to various state governments to punish those Christians who refused to violate their faith.

It is a recurring pattern and the activists are now less and less likely to even deny they are intentionally targeting Christians. SUPPORT FEDERAL RELIGIOUS LIBERTY LEGISLATION

In Georgia, when the state legislature attempted to pass religious liberty legislation, Senator Johnny Isakson came out strongly against it stating that we needed a national law, not fifty state laws on religious liberty. Senator Isakson took the position that the Christian small businessman should not be punished for refusing to violate his faith.

That is actually a position held by a majority of Americans.

BuzzFeed’s latest attack on Christians is further evidence that the left intends to attack and punish any Christian who continues to believe in real marriage and who does not accept the anti-science notion that boys can become girls and girls can become boys.

We know, by the way, that states cannot do this anymore. If a state, like North Carolina, passes a law saying men cannot be in our daughters’ bathrooms, the NCAA and major corporations punish the state on behalf of the gay mafia. Only federal legislation will work to avoid that sort of punishment and those boycotts.

Take action now to tell Congress to pass federal religious liberty legislation to protect Christian small businesses and keep men out of our daughters’ bathrooms.

Use the form below to generate an email, tweet, and Facebook message to your senators and members of congress demanding they support legislation to protect Christian small businesses.