Catholic Students Under Fire at Georgetown for Being Catholic

It’s a frequent topic of concern in Christian circles: watching high school graduates go to college and embrace worldliness, thereby graduating church at the same time. Observing that frequent phenomenon I can’t help but be somewhat amused at the pretension so many of these collegiate youth maintain.

They truly convince themselves that they are rebels, unique, and distinct, forward-thinking individuals when in reality they are the living embodiment of conformity. There is nothing rebellious about doing what everyone else does. You exhibit no individuality to adopt the same views on society, culture, and sexuality as the echo chamber around you. Doing so doesn’t make you strong; it demonstrates how weak you are.

If you want to see strength, look for the students on college campuses who maintain their faith convictions, submit to a moral authority that exists beyond their own lusts and urges, and who let their words and conduct be a living testimony of the truth. The ones who endure the mockery, disdain, accusations, prejudice, and discrimination of the worldly peers around them – including, all too often, their professors and administrators:

Love Saxa is a recognized student group on the Georgetown campus, and it exists “to promote healthy relationships on campus through cultivating a proper understanding of sex, gender, marriage, and family among Georgetown students.”… [it] is in danger of being stripped of its status as an official student group. Its offense: holding to a Catholic view of human sexuality.


On September 6, Georgetown’s student newspaper, The Hoya, published [Group president Amelia] Irvine’s “Confessions of a College Virgin.” In it, Irvine describes Love Saxa’s dedication to “healthy relationships and sexual integrity,” including its stance on premarital sex, sexual complementarity, and same-sex marriage. Suffice it to say, in an age where universities commonly use school funds to sponsor “sex weeks” and lectures by porn stars, Love Saxa seeks to stimulate an embrace of chastity.


The resulting outrage was palpable. In a complaint filed with the university through its internal grievance process, student Jasmin Ouseph issued a blistering critique of Love Saxa’s “violent…dehumanizing…hateful, and…dangerous” “rhetoric.” Ouseph left no doubt of her desired outcome, stating “what I’m asking for is for Love Saxa to no longer be recognized by the University.” The Hoya’s editorial board likewise published a response to Irvine’s “Confessions,” imploring the Student Activities Commission to “defund intolerance.”

Georgetown is considering doing just that in the next few days.

No doubt this is a pathetic commentary on the state of tolerance amongst those who tout their allegiance to open-mindedness and inclusivity. But it’s actually worse than that given that Georgetown touts itself, “the oldest Catholic and Jesuit institute of higher learning in the United States” and is “deeply rooted in the Catholic faith.”

In case you’re curious, the Catholic Church has some pretty unwavering teachings about sex, marriage, and family. But the anything goes world of humanistic relativism on college campuses does too. And while weak conformists scurry to embrace the latter, the integrity of the kids who are a part of Love Saxa courageously cling to the former.

Georgetown will soon make clear where they are really “rooted.”

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