CBS News Setting Ted Cruz Up to Fail

This is not getting a lot of notice, but it should. Kim Strassel of the Wall Street Journal is going to be on stage with the liberal John Dickerson.

Kim Strassel has been one of the most anti-Cruz voices at the Wall Street Journal, which itself has spent several years excoriating Cruz. Strassel, recently, even went so far as to dismiss Cruz’s claims about the Establishment.

Then Ted Cruz came to town, with a new definition. The Establishment became anybody who didn’t do things the way he did. Not in favor of a government shutdown? Establishment! Don’t support a showy filibuster of an antigun bill that was never going to pass anyway? Establishment! And presto, those new House reformers, Mr. Rubio, all the governors, the Club for Growth, dozens of conservative advocacy groups, and even James Madison (were he still alive), became, overnight, Establishment Duds.

She has attacked his foreign policy policy too.

Going back to Cruz’s entrance in the Senate, Strassel has served more as a court stenographer to Establishment Republicans who hate Ted Cruz. The Wall Street Journal editorial page itself has worked tirelessly to attack conservatives and Cruz calling them, among other things, “hobbits.”

But Strassel will be on stage for the CBS News debate and I can guarantee you she will hope to tee up questions to put Cruz on defense right before the South Carolina primary.

It is, after all, what the Establishment and its mouthpieces do.

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