Republican presidential candidate, businessman Donald Trump argues a point during a Republican presidential primary debate at Fox Theatre, Thursday, March 3, 2016, in Detroit. (AP Photo/Paul Sancya)

Certain Talk Radio and Television Hosts Will Ignore This. You Should Not.

If you listen to certain radio and television hosts who claim not to be endorsing Donald Trump while running Trumpopolooza marathons, you would think Donald Trump will be unstoppable come November.

Some of these hosts are friends of Trump’s and, because they know him in a certain way, they cannot imagine others see him differently. Others get perks and tangible benefits to supporting Trump and therefore have a vested interest in not telling you the truth.

But the reality is Donald Trump is going to get annihilated in November without a third party bid should he be the nominee.

There has never been a major party candidate as disliked as Donald Trump.

Gain 30 percent of the nonwhite vote? Trump’s favorable to unfavorable ratings in the latest Post-ABC News national poll among nonwhites are 16 percent to 81 percent (72 percent strongly unfavorable); among Hispanics alone — the largest and fastest-growing minority group — they are 14 percent to 85 percent (74 percent strongly unfavorable). A Trump nomination could lock Hispanics into the Democratic column for a generation or more, threatening Republican presidential victories as far as the eye can see.

Gain 65 percent of the white vote? Trump’s favorable to unfavorable ratings among white women are 29 percent to 68 percent. His strongly unfavorable rating of 55 percent among white women is more than four times his strongly favorable rating among that group of 13 percent. How in the world could Trump reach 65 percent among whites overall if more than two-thirds of white women give him an unfavorable rating today, and if most of that unfavorable rating is intensely negative?

A majority of every demographic category hates Donald Trump.

The only people who love him are white supremacists, neo-Nazis, a white victim class of mostly blue collar workers, a group of white folks who have failed at life and blame everyone else for their own bad decisions, and a bunch of talk radio and TV talking heads who either are his besties or get tangible benefits by supporting him.

Donald Trump is going to get crushed if he is the GOP nominee. Everyone knows it and everyone talks about it except those who profit by ignoring it and spinning it all around. I continue to be amazed at the number of people who have put their ratings ahead of their nation and so will not tell the truth.

But hey, once Trump is crushed these folks will claim they never endorsed him so it is not their fault.

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