Charlie Gard’s Fate Doomed By Bureaucrats’ Foot Dragging

News has broken that Charlie Gard’s fate is all but sealed now.  After an MRI examination by the American doctor Michio Hirano, the news was all bad. 

Charlie Gard, an 11 month old baby boy in England suffering from a disease known as mitochondrial depletion syndrome, has been at the center of a months-long heated court battle between his parents and the British National Health Service.  He has a very rare illness which causes rapidly weakening muscles and eventual organ failure.  Charlie’s parents had sought to get treatment in America but had been denied permission by the British government.

A neurologist at Colombia University, Dr. Michio Hirano was willing to attempt nucleoside peptide therapy.  The experimental treatment was the last line of hope for Charlie, but the MRI of the little boy’s muscles showed that the child’s body was too far gone for the treatment to work now.  Too much time has passed, and the treatment can no longer aid him.  With the hope of Dr. Hirano’s treatment gone, Charlie’s parents are ending their legal battle.  It is now just a matter of time before Charlie dies. 

According to a family statement released today:

The American and Italian team were still willing to treat Charlie after seeing his recent MRI and EEG perform last week, but there is one simple reason why treatment cannot now go ahead and that is time. A whole lot of time has been wasted.


We are now in July and our poor boy has been left to just lie in hospital for months without any treatment whilst lengthy court battles have been fought.


Tragically having had Charlie’s medical notes reviewed by independent experts, we now know had Charlie been given the treatment sooner, he would have had the potential to be a normal healthy little boy. 


Despite his condition in January, Charlie’s muscles were in pretty good shape and far from showing irreversible catastrophic structural brain damage. 

Charlie’s been left for his illness to deteriorate devastatingly to the point of no return. 

The tragedy here is even greater than the death of this innocent child, as terrible as that is.  The greatest tragedy is any opportunity for treatment was stolen away by a brutal, cold-blooded system.  The Greater Ormond Street Hospital, the British National Health Service (British single payer healthcare), the British court system, and the European court of human rights all stood in the way of Charlie’s parents seeking treatment for him outside of the socialist-controlled British healthcare system. 

Despite the family raising the money to pay for their own treatment in the US, the British NHS stopped them.  The bureaucrats claimed treatment was inhumane and futile months ago when it was still beneficial.  They deemed themselves as the ultimate arbiters of Charlie’s future “quality of life”, instead of his parents.  Charlie’s family appealed the denial of care, but the courts ruled against them.  Then, when the public outcry became too deafening to ignore, the British government dragged the case out, knowing that time was on death’s side.  Then, after months of appeals, time finally ran out.  And the NHS essentially said, “See, we were right.  Treatment was futile.”  All because they made sure that treatment would become futile!   

There is a scary reality with the Charlie Gard case that is not fully understood by the public.  In government-controlled medicine such as Britain’s, there is a culture of death that permeates the system.  The ability to control who lives and who dies is an intoxicating power.  Holding the lives of the sick and the helpless in one’s hands gives some doctors and bureaucrats a sense of god-like control, especially being able to take lives away.  The lure of that power draws some truly twisted people towards it.  They betray their calling to care for the sick in order to glorify death. 

They couch it in terms of “right to die” or “death with dignity”.  Remember how Obamacare’s architect, Ezekiel Emanuel, relished the idea of people dying at 75, calling the elderly “feeble, ineffectual, and pathetic”. 

These eugenicists can kill without ever touching the patient.  All they have to do is drag their feet until it’s too late, just like with Charlie Gard.  Patients are at their mercy.  Anyone who’s ever had a family member in the ICU knows that time dictates survival.  Patients either improve quickly or die.  Without improvement, complications set in, and death ensues.  Any barriers to treatment are essentially a death sentence. 

Government healthcare can make any excuse to deny care from a need to ration expenses to “quality of life”.  But ultimately, the real motivation is power and control.  And there is no recourse for patients.

In socialized medicine, patients have nowhere to turn and no higher authority to appeal to when the government and hospital are one and the same.  In private healthcare, these denials of care or negligent actions are grounds for lawsuits, but just try suing the federal government.  Good luck with that!  And now Chuck Schumer is openly advocating for the same type of system here in America!  

Freedom for patients to decide their own care is the only real protection we have.  That is why efforts from conservatives to give free market options for healthcare is so critical.  The right to seek the best care brings market forces into play that can break the government’s power and protect patients.  If Charlie’s parents had been allowed their free market rights to seek treatment where they wanted, Charlie may well have survived.  It is conservatives who are fighting for patient care while liberals like Chuck Schumer would subject us to Charlie Gard’s fate. 

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