Check Out Smalltown Poets For Christmas

Every year at this time, Christmas music fires up and every year at this time it is the same, very same music.

The same songs are sung in different ways. I have 22 different versions of O Holy Night and 18 of O Come, O Come, Emmanuel. Those are my two favorites.

But I’m always on the look out for new stuff and I have a recommendation for you. I discovered them two years ago and listening to their album on the plane ride home from Puerto Rico reminded me I forgot to tell you guys about them.

Go check out Smalltown Poets. They have several really terrific Christmas albums with some unique songs and some beautiful takes on classics.

I have started my Christmas show for two years in a row with “In the First Light” and their “On Christmas Day” set to Ave Maria is wonderful.

If you are looking for something wonderful and not like all the other stuff you’ve heard, Smalltown Poets have several Christmas albums and I recommend them all.

Their music is available at iTunes through the links above or here at CD Baby Music Store or at

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