Chelsea Clinton, daughter of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y., does a microphone check at the Democratic National Convention in Denver, Tuesday, Aug. 26, 2008. (AP Photo/Chris Carlson )

Chelsea Clinton: From Failed NBC Host to Social Justice Warrior

Former First Daughter Chelsea Clinton is so desperate to be relevant. Her latest campaign? Stopping climate change-inspired child marriages. Huh?

During a “social justice” panel discussion for the CARE national conference in Washington, D.C., Clinton said the following:

“[We] carry multiple concerns in both our head and our heart. Just listening to the concerns around education and climate change, women’s health, child marriage, access to technology, all of those are of course interconnected. We have to focus on each of them in their interconnectedness.”


With respect to “sexism” and Islamophobia, the faux scholar had this to say:

Clinton was joined by fellow former First Daughter Barbara Bush, who has equally championed Planned Parenthood and vouched for the contemptible organization in the past. Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao also attended the same conference but spoke on a different panel.

CARE USA, the parent organization, is run by Michelle Nunn–the 2014 Democrat candidate to U.S. Senate in Georgia who lost to now-Senator David Perdue (R-GA) by a 53-45% margin. Her father Sam Nunn (D) was a U.S. Senator from Georgia from 1972-1997. CARE USA’s goal is to “save lives, defeat poverty and achieve social justice” across the globe by seeking a  “world of hope, tolerance and social justice, where poverty has been overcome and all people live with dignity and security.” It sounds innocent until you peel and arrive at the social justice layers.

Vanity Fair said it best about the younger Clinton in April: she’s as bland as plain oatmeal:

What comes across with Chelsea, for lack of a gentler word, is self-regard of an unusual intensity. And the effect is stronger on paper. Unkind as it is to say, reading anything by Chelsea Clinton—tweets, interviews, books—is best compared to taking in spoonfuls of plain oatmeal that, periodically, conceal a toenail clipping.

After Clinton’s lackluster performance on NBC, she left the $600,000-a-year cushy post in 2014. (Even Democrats see her as mediocre and incompetent.)  That’s evident how much she’s being propped up to perpetuate the last remnants of the Clinton dynasty.

Can the media and Left please stop giving license to Chelsea Clinton? She’s uninspiring, boring, and not a voice for our generation.

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